How do I print a Word document without word?

Click on Print option in the File menu and from the list of printers, choose FreePDF Creator and then Print. The next step would be to revise document details, like the location where you will save the file, the document name and so on. If you are satisfied with all the details, just click Create PDF.

How can I create a document without word?

The web-based word processing applications below will not only let you create the documents online but also quickly and easily share them with others.Dropbox Paper. Google Docs. Etherpad. Zoho. AbiWord. Jarte. WPS Office. SoftMaker FreeOffice.

Does Windows 10 home have Excel and Word?

In short, Microsoft Windows 10 Home doesn’t come with Word and Excel, but you can install the Office app to enjoy the same features offered by Microsoft Office.

Do laptops come with Excel and Word?

On all new commercial computers today, manufacturers install a trial version of Microsoft Office AND a copy of Microsoft Office Starter Edition. Microsoft Office Starter Edition does NOT expire and is every bit as functional as its costly brethren. The Starter editions includes only Word and Excel.

What laptops have Microsoft Word?

5 Best Laptops With Microsoft Office ReviewedAsus Vivobook TBCL432B – Light Weight 11.6″ – Most Affordable. Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA – 14″ Budget Laptop with Microsoft Office. HP Pavilion 14 – 14″ Mid Range Laptop. Acer Aspire E5-576-392H – 15.6″ Mainstream Budget Laptop. HP Pavilion CC610MS – 15.6″ Business Grade Laptop.

Where is Microsoft Word on HP laptop?

From the Start screen, type Microsoft Office to open the Search charm, and then select Microsoft Office from the search results. On the Microsoft Office window, click Try.