How do I fix my Eleaf no atomizer?


  1. Clean all contacts on battery/mod, tank or pod.
  2. Remove and reinstall the coil (after cleaning)
  3. Try a new coil.
  4. Check the 510 pin and see if you can adjust it (mods/tanks)
  5. Try another tank on your mod.
  6. Try another mod with your tank.
  7. Adjust base of coil carefully if you can (mainly sub-Ohm coils)

Why does my Eleaf vape say no atomizer?

Replace Faulty Atomizer Coils Sometimes, the “no atomizer” or “check atomizer” error comes down to a faulty coil. Even with the most thorough inspection process, a dud coil can slip through. Alternatively, something in the coil may simply break down over time as you use it.

What’s no atomizer mean?

If you press the firing button on your e-cig and you see the message ‘no atomizer’ or ‘check atomizer’ it means that your vape mod is not reading the coil within your vape tank properly. It can be because of the 510 connection, the vape coil itself or the bits in between.

How do you clean an atomizer?

In that case, you can follow these steps for deeper cleaning.

  1. Remove wicks from coils.
  2. Dry burn your coils lightly (don’t let them glow too much)
  3. Remove atomizer from your mod.
  4. Place under running water.
  5. Brush them lightly with a toothbrush or a coil cleaning tool.
  6. Rinse once again.

What is bypass mode?

Bypass mode is, by far, the simplest of advanced vaping modes. Removing wattage and voltage output, Bypass Mode allows the user to utilize the mod like a mechanical mod, designating output to correlate with the level of charge within the battery.

Why is my battery saying no atomizer?

Why is my atomiser not working?

Most times when an atomizer doesn’t work with a device, it stems from the center pin being too low or an atomizers pin being too high. Manufacturers have began solving this issue recently, by making that center pin adjustable or spring-loaded to reduce this issue in the future.

How do you fix a clogged atomizer?

Best ways to unclog a vape

  1. Hair dryer method: This method works best if your cartridge is clogged with oil.
  2. Unclog with a sharp object: Use a sharp, thin object to poke a hole through the pin.
  3. Trying taking dry hits from your vape with the battery turned on.

Can I clean my atomizer with alcohol?

To carry out this method, simply submerge your atomizer in some isopropyl alcohol for 30-60 minutes. This will cause the hardened dirt to become saturated and it will break down and pull away from the atomizer when you wipe it down with your cotton buds.

What is the best atomizer for istick tc40w?

The best match for iStick TC40W is GS-Tank atomizer. This perfect combination will give you an amazing vaping experience.

What type of coil is used in the istick 40W?

Do note that NI200 nickel coils are used for TC mode in the iStick 40w, and it is important that you change the tank when you switch from VW mode to TC or vice versa. Avoids dry hits by setting the temperature below the burning point of cotton (approx 420F).

How do I charge my istick tc40w?

It can be charged with the USB cable through the USB port at the bottom. It will take about 3.5 hours to get a full charge via 1A wall adapter. The battery indicator will keep flashing during charging and the screen will go out when fully charged. The best match for iStick TC40W is GS-Tank atomizer.

What is eleaf istick TC40 box mod?

There are two different temperature control mode: nickel and titanium. Additionally, the TC option will eliminate dry and burnt hits that will enhance your vaping experience. Eleaf iStick TC40 box mod comes with built-in 2600mAh battery capacity, it will gives you longer vaping sessions.