How do I deselect a radio button in Word?

(2) On the Developer ribbon, choose Design Mode. (3) Right-click on the troublesome button and choose Properties. (4) Find Value and change it to False (just delete True and type False).

How do I insert a radio button in Word 2010?

How to insert Radio button in Word document

  1. Launch Word.
  2. Click the Developer tab.
  3. Click the Legacy button in the Controls group, then select the Radio button or Options button from the menu.
  4. The radio button is inserted into the document.

How do I uncheck all checkboxes in Word?

Click the “Review “tab and then click “Restrict Editing.” Click the “Editing Restrictions” checkbox. Select “Filling in Forms” from the drop-down list so readers can check and uncheck the checkboxes in your document.

How do I remove radio buttons?

You can easily delete a single radio button in Excel by selecting it and pressing the delete key. To select a radio button, you need to hold the Control key and the press the left button of the mouse. If you want to delete multiple radio buttons: Hold the Control key and select all the ones that you want to delete.

How do I uncheck a radio button in PDF?

If you want to uncheck the radio button, you can find the “Export Value” under the “Options” tab, and turn the export value to “OFF” state.

Can you add a radio button in Word?

A radio button is inserted in the Microsoft Word document where your cursor was placed in the beginning. Right click it, and select Option Button Object > Edit from the context menu, in case the need to edit the radio button arises.

Can you create radio buttons in Word?

Click the “Design Mode” button, which will display a list of available features. Click the “Lagacy Tools” button, which will display a list of forms tools. Click the “Radio Button” icon, which will insert a radio button into the Word document.

How do I uncheck multiple boxes?

To change the checkbox selection in all selected checkboxes, press Space. If all the checkboxes are currently checked, they all become unchecked….If you want to change your checkbox selection:

  1. Press and hold the Shift key.
  2. Select the checkbox you want to be at the new outer edge of the selection.
  3. Release the Shift key.

How do I get rid of the little boxes in Word?

Step 1 – Click the File > Options. Step 2 – Click the Advanced tab and Scroll down the right pane window. Under the heading Cut, copy, and paste, Uncheck the box labeled Show Paste Options button when content is pasted.

How do I remove a button from a Word document?

Click and hold the mouse pointer on the button you want to remove, then drag the button off of the toolbar.

Can you uncheck a radio button?

Once you click on a radio button it seems like there is no way to unselect it, so if you wanted to leave the field blank, you can’t once you have already made a selection. It kind of ‘forces’ you to select something.