How do I cut the weather stripping on my garage door?

To remove the weather stripping from the space around the door, squeeze a pry bar underneath the weather stripping and the garage door frame. Jiggle the pry bar enough to widen the gap between the weather stripping and the door, then pull gently on the weather stripping.

How do you install kerf style weather stripping?

Replacement is simple. Just pull the old material out of the kerf in the door. Cut the new material to the right length, start at the top of the door, and work your way down, pressing the plastic strip firmly into the kerf.

What can I use to cut weather stripping?

Cut the Top Piece

  1. Cut the foam part of the door weather stripping with sharp scissors.
  2. Next, cut the wood flange with a hacksaw or other fine-tooth saw.

What is kerf cutting?

Kerf = Width When talking about CNC shape cutting with typical cutting processes, kerf is the width of material that the process removes as it cuts through the plate.

What are kerf grooves?

(kerfs) The groove or slit created by cutting a workpiece; an incision. * The width of the groove made while cutting.

What is kerf fit?

Kerf style means that the door jamb has a thin saw cut “kerf” that accepts the weatherstripping fin. This fin wedges into the kerf and holds the weather strip seal in place by friction.

What is a kerf slot?

A kerfed door jamb is one where a kerf (slot) is cut into the door jamb for the purpose of allowing a drywall corner bead to be wrapped directly into the jamb. With this wrapping, the drywall connects directly to the door frame and gap between the door frame and drywall goes away.

Is foam or rubber weather stripping better?

Though foam wears better than felt, neither boasts the durability of rubber, the most expensive option. Rubber insulates well, but it can be somewhat challenging to install. Unlike the other options, it often must be nailed into place.

How do you cut aluminum weather stripping?

If it’s necessary to cut the material, use a hacksaw to cut the aluminum and a utility knife to cut the rubber gasket. I had misplaced my hacksaw and trimmed the stripping with a powered cut-off saw, but a hacksaw actually works better because there’s no risk of kickback. Position the strip against the closed door.