How do I connect my Moultrie game camera to my phone?

Sign up for a free Moultrie Mobile account, or sign in to your existing account. Open your Moultrie Mobile App, select Account, then select Activate Device. Scan the barcode located on the inside of your trail camera. If activating online, manually enter your camera’s Serial# and ID#.

Why wont my Moultrie take pictures?

Check the Batteries Most battery-powered trail cameras will last over time, but sometimes the batteries fail for several reasons. Luckily, this issue is a quick fix as long as you have fresh batteries on hand. Make sure you’re using the proper kind of batteries and install them correctly.

How do you format a SD card for a Moultrie camera?

Go to your camera settings and toggle the Format SD Card switch to green….

  1. Turn on your camera.
  2. Press and hold the Format SD button until the SD card light blinks yellow.
  3. The SD card light turns solid green once formatted successfully.
  4. If the SD card light turns solid red, repeat the process or try a different SD card.

How do I take pictures with my Moultrie camera?

Not Taking Pictures

  1. Check your camera’s battery life.
  2. Make sure the LOCK switch on the SD card is in the UP position.
  3. Make sure you are using a Moultrie recommended SD Card.
  4. Format your SD Card.
  5. Remove the white security strip inside the door.
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How do I view pictures on my Moultrie game camera?

Simply insert your SD card into the SD slot of the computer you wish to view your photos on, using the image viewer installed on the computer or laptop. Connecting the trail camera directly to the computer or laptop’s USB port with a USB cord.

How do you open the battery compartment on a Moultrie camera?

The camera is powered by eight (8) AA alkaline or lithium batteries. Slide the Unlock switch to the right and grab the small handle under the switch to slide-out the battery compartment tray. NOTE: It is recommended to use lithium batteries for best performance (do not mix battery types).

Do I need to format a new SD card?

3. Format New Cards Before Using. When you buy a new memory card, it’s always good to reformat in your camera before using it. This ensures the card is ready for that particular camera.