How do I change the channel on my Cobra Micro Talk?

[email protected] (e-mail). Press and release to enter mode function to change channels. The channel numbers will blink when that mode is selected. Use the Up/ Down buttons to select a channel.

How do you use Cobra Micro Talk?

Turn on microTALK. An audible “tone” will indicate the unit is on and then the LCD will go through a 3 second self-test and then go to Operational Mode. Press and release Mode Button until ( ) icon and Main Channel flashes. Press Channel Button up or down and the unit will begin scanning the main channels.

What frequency do Cobra walkie talkies use?

Channel 1: 462.5625 MHz, FRS/GMRS Channel 2: 462.5875 MHz, FRS/GMRS Channel 3: 462.6125 MHz, FRS/GMRS Channel 4: 462.6375 MHz, FRS/GMRS Channel 5: 462.6… Plug size: 2.5mm (3/32”) stereo plug Microphone Type: Electret The tip is the speaker The middle contact is the microphone The shaft is ground The…

How long does it take to charge a Cobra walkie talkie?

15 hours
It normally takes 15 hours to fully recharge batteries. It is not recommended to recharge batteries more than 24 hours. Estimated operation time on a full charge is 8 hours. Use only the supplied rechargeable batteries and wall charger for recharging your Cobra microTALK® radio.

How do you use a cobra MicroTalk walkie talkie?

Communicate with another person by pressing the talk button. Hold the mouthpiece of the radio approximately 2 inches from your mouth and speak in a normal tone of voice. Release the button when you are done speaking — otherwise you will not receive transmissions.

How do I reset my cobra?

Step 1: Grab your AT Cobra. Step 2: Now, dial the code *2767*3855#. Step 3: After dialing the above code, you will see the option “Restore Factory Settings”. Step 4: Simply, choose the option in order to start the factory resetting process.

How do I turn off Ctcss on cobra?

If CTCSS is turned on at the channel selected, the display will flash the DCS icon and “OFF.” To switch from CTCSS to DCS, press the Up or Down button while the display is flashing “OFF.” The display will then show the small numbers flashing and you will then be able to proceed to step 2.