How do I calculate my NHS Pension allowance?

Calculate the member’s NHS benefits up to the day before the beginning of pension input period. Multiply the annual pension by 16. For a 1995 section member calculate their lump sum and add the amount of the lump sum to the amount found after step 2.

How much does HSC contribute to pension?

The rules in respect of tiered contributions apply to members of both the 1995 and 2008 Sections of the HSC Pension Scheme and also the new 2015 HSC Pension Scheme. Your employer contributes an amount equal to 22.5% of your pensionable pay.

Is HSC Pension good?

Membership of the scheme is an important and valuable staff benefit for people working in the Health Service. As a scheme member, you get an excellent package of pension benefits, index linked and guaranteed by the Government. HSC scheme benefits are worth approximately 20% of pay overall.

How much percentage does NHS pay into pension?

The NHS Pension Scheme employer contribution rate increased on 1 April 2019 from 14.3% to 20.6%, plus an employer’s levy of 0.08%.

Does NHS Pension increase each year?

NHS pensions are fully index-linked to protect them against inflation. This means that your pension will be increased each year in line with the cost of living, for as long as it is paid.

What percentage of salary is NHS pension?

Introduction to the NHS Pension Scheme The scheme is voluntary, so you can choose to opt-out if you wish. The amount you pay into your pension is dependent on how much you earn and the current contribution rates are between 5% and 14.5%. Your rate is determined on your full-time equivalent pensionable pay.

Is NHS pension final salary?

NHS pension benefits in respect of transition members are based on a combination of final salary 1995/2008 Section and career average pay 2015 Scheme. Members who have continuous membership will retain a final salary link in respect of their 1995 Section or 2008 Section pensionable membership.

What does the McCloud Judgement mean for NHS?

The McCloud remedy removes the age discrimination that was judged to have arisen in public service pension schemes, including the NHS Pension Scheme. The discrimination resulted from allowing older members to remain in their legacy (1995 or 2008) scheme rather than being moved to the 2015 Scheme when it was introduced.