How do I ask for an internship extension?

In conversation or over email, start with your excitement for the offer and what you enjoyed or learned about during the interview process. Then, explain what you’re still thinking about, and request the extension (if necessary, referring to your university guidelines).

How do I ask my boss to extend my internship?

Here’s what you need to do to make your case.Make Sure You’ve Made the Most of Your Internship. Compile Your Goals and Accomplishments. Get Some One-on-One Time With Your Manager to Thank Them. Then Outline Your Request. If They Say No, Be Gracious and Keep in Touch.

Can I extend my internship?

My advice to all the interns out there is this: if you’re given the opportunity to extend your internship, whether you’re paid or not, you should definitely accept. Here’s why: You get three extra months of experience.

What to ask before accepting an internship?

6 Questions To Ask Before Accepting That InternshipAsk If This Internship’s Paid Or Unpaid. Ask Who You’ll Be Assigned To, And If They’ve Ever Worked With Interns Before. Ask What Procedures Are In Place To Ensure A Positive Intern Experience. Ask What Sorts Of Previous Interns Fit In Best. Ask If Any Of Their Previous Interns Were Offered Jobs There.

How long do you have to accept an internship offer?

It is standard to get 2 weeks to decide. You should not accept an offer only to decline it if a better one comes along- you are wasting the company’s time and they will likely blacklist you from future hiring.

Should I accept internship?

Accept If You Must. If it’s crunch-time and you don’t have any other offers on the table, you might want to accept — unless it’s something you wouldn’t be happy doing. If that’s the case, it’s probably not worth your time. You don’t want to do something that you already dislike before it actually starts.

What questions should an intern ask?

Top 10 Questions You Should Be Asking During Your InternshipHow can I make myself indispensable to this company this summer? How can I network through this internship and build connections/relationships for the future? How do I know if I want to pursue a career in this industry in the future? What do I do if I don’t want to pursue a career in this industry?