How do I add a photo to a forum post?

Click on the Add attachments button under the post you are adding to the forums tool. On the Add Attachment popup, click on the Choose File button. Locate the image you’d like to attach to your post in the file explorer window and click Open. Press Continue.

How do I share an image on a forum?

To post an image, use its full URL Go to the image at a hosting service, right click it and open the Properties menus. Next, highlight the full address (URL), copy the URL and then paste it into the subject area in a forum post. For the image to appear, you MUST include the . jpg extension.

How do you send a message in Warframe forums?

Go to and Login.

  1. Then go to Forum.
  2. Compose new Message for our bot(WarMarketMan), you can use direct link: Click to compose.

How do I post an image on a forum on Imgur?

Select the link shown, for forums, by clicking on the copy key. This will put the link in the clipboard. You then go to the forum, and when creating a post paste ( CTRL P ) the link. Its done.

How do I submit a report in Warframe?

WARFRAME on Twitter: “@crunchburntoast @CephalonSquared You can submit a ticket via our Zendesk support page:” / Twitter.

What is the best support Warframe?

Trinity is the best support Warframe in the game and can heal, redirect damage, and even replenish energy.

How do you do a forum submission?

Forum submission is very easy, you just pick the relevant forum in your niche, build a profile, follow the thread and take an active part in discussions. A thread is a topic posted on the forum where a number of forum members share their knowledge and provide a solution to the specific problem.

How do I post on an online forum?

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Discussions. Select Discussions from the tool menu in your site.
  2. Choose a topic. Select the title of a topic to access the topic.
  3. Select Start a New Conversation.
  4. Enter a title.
  5. Enter a message.
  6. Add attachment(s).
  7. Select Post.

How do you post on a forum?

In order to post to a forum topic, you will Start a New Conversation or thread.

  1. Go to Forums. Select the Forums tool from Tool Menu in your site.
  2. Choose a forum. This is an example of a forum.
  3. Select a topic within the forum.
  4. Click Start a New Conversation.
  5. Enter a message.
  6. Click Add attachments.
  7. Click Post.

How do I show my Warframe in chat?

By clicking the handy ‘Link’ icon in your Arsenal>Appearance screen, your active Chat window will be instantly populated with your build. Just hit enter to share – whether in a Private Message, with your Clan, or in Region chat!