How did Jake Brown survive his fall?

2007 X Games fall Brown’s injuries were a fractured wrist, fractured vertebrae, bruised liver, bruised lung, ruptured spleen and concussion. After several minutes of unconsciousness, Brown walked off the ramp surface with assistance.

Who won the 2021 X Games skateboarding?

The final competition of the event, X Games 2021 wrapped up with Skateboard Street Best Trick. After taking silver just moments earlier, Jamie Foy came out with a gold medal thanks to a frontside crooked grind to shove-it in run three.

Who won X Games 2020 skateboarding?

In the end, Chase Webb took the gold medal, while Clive Dixon took the fan favorite vote and silver medal, followed by Franky Villani in the bronze medal spot. Welcome to Real Street 2020, the all-video street skateboarding contest brought to you by ESPN’s World of X Games. 14.52% 13.17%

Who is the youngest skateboarder in the X Games?

Gui Khury
Gui Khury is the youngest skateboarder to become a gold medallist at extreme sports competition, X Games.

Who won the golden skateboarding?

Japan Wins Gold At Another Olympic Skateboarding Event : Live Updates: The Tokyo Olympics Japan won its third skateboarding gold in the sport’s Olympic debut. 19-year-old Sakura Yosozumi earned gold and 12-year-old teammate Kokona Hiraki won silver. Britain’s Sky Brown, 13, won the bronze.

Who wins the gold in mens skateboarding?

Yuto Horigome
Japan’s Yuto Horigome has won the first-ever skateboarding competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games, taking gold in men’s street in the city where he learned to skate.

How did a 13 year old win skateboarding?

Momiji Nishiya, 13, Wins First-Ever Olympic Gold in Women’s Skateboarding. On the Olympic podium, three teenage girls—13, 13 and 16—with weighty gold, silver and bronze medals around their young necks, rewards for having landed tricks on their skateboards that most kids their age only get to see on Instagram.