How did Andrew Jackson feel about the federal government?

While Jackson believed in a strict construction of the Constitution and in states’ rights, he believed that when the Constitution had delegated power to the federal government, the federal government had to be supreme.

How did Andrew Jackson impact America?

Known as the “people’s president,” Jackson destroyed the Second Bank of the United States, founded the Democratic Party, supported individual liberty and instituted policies that resulted in the forced migration of Native Americans. He died on J.

Who is the common man?

Andrew Jackson

What did Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson have in common?

Both men were Democrats and remain icons of the Democratic party even though the party has changed a great deal since Jefferson and Jackson’s time. Both men mistrusted the Eastern establishment, and they gained much of their support from what was considered the West at the time.

What did Thomas Jefferson think of Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson called himself a Jeffersonian Democrat, while Thomas Jefferson called Jackson a dangerous man.