How can you use for instance such as example?

Notice that ‘For example’ is followed by a comma and a full sentence. ‘Such as’ is in the middle of the sentence, followed by two nouns. You can use ‘For instance’ instead of ‘For example’. You can use ‘like’ instead of ‘such as’.

How do you use such as in a sentence?

Here’s an example of such as used correctly with a comma in a sentence: In this forest, you’ll see many types of coniferous trees, such as pine and spruce. The phrase such as pine and spruce is nonrestrictive, so you need a comma.

How do you use such?

We can use such (as a determiner) before a noun phrase to add emphasis:We visited such fascinating places on our trip through central Asia.She has such lovely hair.She lived in such loneliness. ( formal)We had such an awful meal at that restaurant!

What do you mean by such?

adjective. of the kind, character, degree, extent, etc., of that or those indicated or implied: Such a man is dangerous. of that particular kind or character: The food, such as it was, was plentiful. like or similar: tea, coffee, and such commodities.

How do I use as well as in a sentence?

Verbs after as well as come in –ing form He broke the window, as well as destroying the wall. She draws as well as designing clothes. Note the difference between the last sentence and the next one: She draws as well as she designs clothes.

Where do we use too in a sentence?

“Too” is an adverb that substitutes for “also”, or shows an excessive degree.She is fast and strong, too.He, too, wrote a book.It’s time to have your cake and eat it, too.The sauna is way too hot for me.