How can you support diversity?

Six ways to support diversity and inclusion in the workplaceBe aware of unconscious bias. Building awareness is a first step towards real change. Communicate the importance of managing bias. Offer diversity training. Acknowledge holidays of all cultures. Make it easy for your people to participate in employee resource groups. Mix up your teams.

How do you achieve diversity goals?

Just to recap, a company can increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce by:Setting % goals on candidates, interviews and hires.Focusing on diversity in leadership.Committing to D&I training.Spending more with diverse suppliers.Creating a diversity council.Making cash commitments to good causes.

How do you achieve diversity in the workplace?

How to build diversity in the workplace?Leverage diverse job boards. Offer targeted internships and scholarships. Highlight diversity on your career site.Reward diverse referrals. Have a diverse interview panel. Unconscious bias training for recruiters. Create diversity friendly policies.Reassess employee benefits.

How do you encourage inclusion?

Five Ways to Encourage Inclusion in Your OfficeEducate yourself and your leaders. While many of us may think we understand what inclusivity looks like in a diverse workforce, we all have subtle biases that present themselves in ways we may not be aware of. Lead by example. Create a culture of respect and openness. Change up the power dynamics. Get outside the office.