How can I order Mcdonalds in Philippines?

To order, please go to Sign up or Login to your McDelivery Account to access the Send to Many Order Form.

How much is McDo delivery fee Philippines?

Get the BTS Meal for you and your friends to enjoy our ₱7 delivery fee! Just order ₱350 worth of treats via the McDelivery PH app!

Is Mcdonalds Free delivery Philippines?

FREE delivery is back! Time to satisfy your McDo cravings by ordering via McDelivery today! Available via McDelivery PH App,, McDo Messenger or call 8888-6236 (for NCR).

How can I send food to someone in the Philippines?


  1. GrabFood & GrabMart.
  2. LalaFood & LalaMove.
  3. MetroMart.
  4. FoodPanda.
  5. Angkas.
  6. ManganPH.
  7. OrderMo.
  8. LazMart.

How do I order McDonalds online?

Step 1: Start a chat with @McDonald’s on Facebook Messenger. Once the “Order McDelivery” message pops up, tap “Select”. Step 2: Swipe right to browse menu. Tap “Select” on your chosen food item.

How do I order from McDelivery?

Please call McDelivery 1300-13-1300 and inform our customer service personnel. We will then arrange for the items to be delivered to you. STEP 2: Fill in all your address and click “Next” to proceed.

What app can i use to get McDonalds delivered?

McDelivery® Order through the McDonald’s app, Uber Eats or Just Eat and we’ll bring it to you.

Does McDonald’s delivery accept Seniors Card?

McDo McDelivery App Offers Discounts for Senior Citizens and PWD Customers.

Can I order food for someone in Philippines?

1. It’s convenient. Whether you’re just three hours away or live halfway around the globe, Goldilocks’ Padala Online is open 24/7. You don’t need to squeeze in shopping time or need to travel far just to send a package to families in the Philippines.

How can I order food online Philippines?