How big do Caramel coral bells get?

8” tall
‘Caramel’ is a vigorous, clump-forming coral bells cultivar that features unique apricot foliage and light pink flowers. In 2002, it was discovered as a chance seedling (parents unknown) in Hantay, France. The lobed, rounded leaves form a basal mound (to 8” tall) which may spread to 20” wide.

Is Caramel coral bells a perennial?

Heucheras are easy perennials to grow and fit nicely in the front of any border, rock garden, or container. They grow most vigorously and have the stongest colors when grown in partial shade (preferably afternoon shade).

How do you care for Caramel coral bells?

Give them well-drained, moist, rich soil that’s neutral to slightly acidic, with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0. Some species, like H. sanguinea, don’t tolerate clayey or acidic soils. Other than keeping them regularly watered during their first year of growth, heucheras don’t require much care.

Are you supposed to cut back coral bells?

According to Proven Winners, it’s best to prune coral bells in early spring to prepare them for the growing season. Prune coral bells in spring by cutting back the dead or damaged foliage stems at the base, snipping them off near the soil line with your clean, sharp pruning shears.

Does Heuchera dieback in winter?

Even though they can grow as evergreens, coral bells, also known as alum root, might die back in your climate, especially during colder than normal winters. To ensure that their interesting foliage and flowers return the next year, give your coral bells a bit of tender-loving care during winter.

What does a Heuchera plant look like?

Heucheras offer a wide choice of vibrant leaf colours – green, pewter-grey, deep purple, pink, bronze, apricot or zingy lime, sometimes marbled or veined, often with wavy or scalloped edges. They form compact mounds, usually keeping their leaves all year round. Tiny white, pink or red flowers are a bonus in summer.

What is the RHS Plant Finder?

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What colour should heucheras be in summer?

Tiny white, pink or red flowers are a bonus in summer. Partial or dappled shade suits most heucheras. Darker-leaved plants can often take more sun, which may enrich the leaf colours.

How do you take care of a Heuchera plant?

Darker-leaved plants can often take more sun, which may enrich the leaf colours. They grow well in most average soils – not too wet or too dry. Heucheras dislike permanently wet, heavy or very dry soil and deep shade. Strong summer sun can scorch and crinkle the foliage, especially on paler-leaved plants.