In this guide we will tell you about the fundamental stages of writing a quality essay.

Step one: generate a thought

Create at least ordinary material – not so easy, but without a previously unambiguous thought task becomes almost impossible. For this reason, before you start writing, you must strictly form the subject. This should be clarified with pairs of the variety “the thesis-argument”.

A statement is a complete concept that you have decided to bring to the reader. Most often, the content of the essay should include a minimum of three theses. For example, you decide to write an essay on the problem of “What is really dangerous envy”, theses to him may look like this: envious person can become evil, it is hard to admire the success of framing, he does not seek to contribute to anyone; in the current world of gloss and Instagram such people will be difficult to communicate with others, envy initiates isolation and promotes isolation; envious individual rejoices the failures of others, he will not seek to resist injustice.

The idea happens and one common for the whole text. In realization of any idea it is necessary to have in mind the reasons, more precisely to tell the facts and samples confirming them. Based on the type of essay it can be any picture of real life, quote, footnote on the development and so on

Step two: prepare a basic organization

Elementary is difficult. Among other things, this means that for the sake of writing an excellent essay there is no need to saturate it with a very large amount of data, fragmentation, excellent literary techniques. One of the most important secrets of success is a balanced structure.

During its design, it is rational to rely on the ideas and grounds prescribed in the last phase: the prologue – in this section the primary ideas of the essay are mentioned; the main section – there are paragraphs with arguments, facts to help the thesis, which are presented in a type suitable for works of a particular kind; the conclusion – in the current section you do not understand the main idea again, but carry out conclusions on the basis of the arguments presented.

Measure 3: if necessary, use spare technicians

If you need to write something right away, there may be a problem called “fear of the white sheet.” Even if the Creator sees exactly what he needs to write, the first step is the hardest to take.

Reasons for the fear of the white sheet is a lot: from the transient like “no mood”, to quite certain kind of paralyzing fear to have a bad mark for homework or excessive perfectionism. Of course, lack of skills also affects lousy.

Experiments demonstrate that this issue can be resolved through the use of essay templates. The concept is simple – it is difficult for people to write at least a sentence, so that the sheet is no longer empty. If it is already some words where you want to write changes – it is much easier to make it psychologically.

According to the blog of Ghost, the operation of sample content allows you to increase the speed of creating articles by over 600%.

Step four: review the text

After a while, as you overcame the fear of the white sheet and wrote the text, it is desirable to read it a few more times and correct the errors. When you write it online, then it’s a great idea to use special tools for proofreading and grammar checking. These technologies will allow you to correct typos, get rid of grammatical errors and improve the style of the text.