Creating an essay is a common task with which all students deal. Quite often essays are used as homework, part of the tests, and obviously as one of the exams when entering the University.

I found an interesting text, which tells about essays of what types are used as a rule, and also shows tips in the field of writing such texts. I present to your eyes a suitable (and updated) version of the proposed text.

What is the essay

Essay is one of the genres of written works, which is similar to the usual “composition-reasoning”. During the submission of such a document, the purpose of the writer is often to Express his own view and prove it. In other cases – to study some subject of discussion to provide the reader with a place for personal conclusions.

Of the above gives a certain impression on the design of the narrative. Often the narrative is carried out in the first person singular, the material is often used connective expressions, emotional vocabulary and metaphors.

There are quite a lot of works of different kinds – in various sources derive from several Central, up to ten and above. Today we will talk about the basic types of essays.

Narrative essays

One of the most common types of works. In the process of compiling this material, the Creator must tell a story based on practical experience from life. These stories are often composed in the first-person format, and the description leads the reader to independent conclusions.

Descriptive essays

In this case, the fundamental goal – as if to describe to the reader a picture with the help of text. Quite often the writer outlines the moments, people or objects, laying in primitive descriptions of a stronger meaning. Sometimes such texts affect the emotions of readers, the task in addition to bring them to some conclusions on the basis of the disassembled.

Analytical essays

The texts of this form usually contain the study of a particular subject, which is carried out by means of statements, statistics, footnotes to a variety of studies and reports. That is, there are precedents more important than feelings in descriptive works. Therefore, even during the speech in the first person, the writer is forced to abandon the expression of personal judgment or manifestation of their own emotions.

Persuasive essays

As the name implies, the primary task of an essay of this class – to certify a person in anything, using facts, logic and images associated with the topic of circumstances. Those work well to resort to expert opinions, useful examples, etc.

As it was said, there are much more varieties of essays, but the data – leading.