Does VersaClimber really work?

The VersaClimber actually burns more calories, increases your heart rate, and heightens oxygen consumption when compared to rowing and treadmill running, research shows.

How do I get better at VersaClimber?

Use the VersaClimber for high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts — HIIT training on the VersaClimber is achieved by sprinting on the machine for 5-10 seconds, then resting until your heart rate returns to its lowest target range, and then sprinting again. This is usually repeated for at least 10 minutes.

Why is VersaClimber good?

It helps you maintain and improve mobility. The cross-crawl motion that you use on a VersaClimber mimics the way the human body is designed to move while crawling, running, and walking. That means using a VersaClimber can help you maintain and improve your natural balance and coordination.

Whats a VersaClimber?

VersaClimbing is a full-body workout that combines zero impact, high intensity, vertical cardio with resistance training – science proves it is one of the most effective and efficient ways of burning fat and calories.

Which VersaClimber is best?

Best Advanced: VersaClimber Machine The VersaClimber is the perfect pick for anyone ready to kick their workouts up a notch. The climber has a durable steel frame and several adjustable features, so you can customize the height of your handlebars and your pedals to keep your workouts ultra-comfortable.

Is the CLMBR good?

I was impressed with CLMBR. It’s creative, well-made and fun. And if you stick with it, there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that it’s very good at getting people into great shape. (CLMBR contends that its workouts will help you burn 60% more calories than you would running or cycling.

What muscles does the VersaClimber work?

Unlike a stationary bike, elliptical, or other cardio machine, a climber or versaclimber works the entire body, targeting muscles such as the glutes, transverse abdominis, obliques, lats, delts, triceps, biceps, quads, calves.

Is Versaclimber a good machine to buy?

I’ve owned elliptical machines, NordicTrack skiers and I’ve found the best results with Versaclimber. It is truly a total body workout. I love it. If you’re serious about weight loss and fitness, this is the machine for you” “In a corporate fitness environment time is always crucial.

What is the Versaclimber H/HP?

The VersaClimber is the original cardio climbing exercise equipment. Not only is this convenient, it’s a very rigorous workout. Shown here is the H / HP model which is meant for home use. The VersaClimber acts like two cardio machines in one: a lower body stepper and upper body climber.

What’s your review of Sport model Versaclimber?

“I love my Sport Model VersaClimber. The foot print is so small for such a powerful exercise machine. It’s right there for me to use, no excuses. I used it for only 3 weeks before going to Fiji where I’m the strength coach for a local rugby team. Wow, what a difference.

What is the variable resistance on the Versaclimber LX?

The variable resistance on the VersaClimber LX model basically makes pulling and stepping harder, adding a strength training element to the cardio. The resistance level remains constant throughout the entire push/pull movement. The best analogy I can think of to explain what the resistance is like is to think of bicycle gears.