Does the Flåm Railway run all year?

Trains run all the year round, with up to ten departures per day during the summer season and four per day in winter. There is a booking office in Flåm village, where tickets can be purchased for 480 kroner.

Does the Flam Railway operate in March?

During which months does the Flam Railway operate? The Flam Railway operates year-round.

Where does the Flåm Railway go?

The Flåm Railway: Flåm–Myrdal–Flåm Over the course of one hour, the train takes you from sea level at the Aurlandsfjord in Flåm to Myrdal mountain station, situated 867 metres above sea level. Myrdal is also on the Bergen Line, meaning the Flåm Railway connects with trains running between Bergen and Oslo.

Why was the Flåm Railway built?

The Flåm Railway was built between 1923 and 1940 in order to assure a transport route to the fjord from Bergen and Oslo.

Where does the Flåm Railway start?

The Flåm Railway has been described as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world and is one of the leading tourist attractions in Norway. The train runs from the end of Aurlandsfjord, a tributary of the Sognefjord, up to the high mountains at Myrdal station.

How do I get to Flåm?

The nearest airport is Sogndal Airport Haukåsen, 90 minutes by car from Flåm. Widerøe operates several daily flights to both Bergen and Oslo. The Flåm Railway connects with most trains on the Bergen Line between Oslo and Bergen.

Where is the Flåm Railway in Norway?

The Flåm Railway is part of the famous Norway in a Nutshell roundtrip between Oslo and Bergen. The Flåm Railway . The Flåm Railway . In Western Norway, at the innermost banks of the Aurlandsfjord, you’ll find the small village of Flåm.

How to get from Oslo to Flåm?

The trains to and from Flåm connect at Myrdal with most day trains running between Oslo and Bergen. Ever since the opening of the line in 1940, the wild and majestic nature has made the Flåm Railway one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway.

How long does it take to travel the Flåm railway?

Travel time is approximately 40 minutes. The Flåm Railway is one of the world’s steepest railways – 20 km long (12 mi) with a descent of 865 meters (2838 ft.) and a gradient of one in 18. At the same time, there are 20 tunnels with a total length of 6 km (4 mi).

How to get from Flåm to Bergen?

In the summer season, express boats transport passengers between Flåm and Balestrand, and from there to Bergen. Flåm is the fjord-side terminus of the famous Flåmsbana Railway Line, one of the steepest and most scenic of its kind.