Does second author matter?

As you say, being first author is like the holy grail, but being second author on “someone else’s paper” is not bad at all, and while it does not scream “amazing” on a CV, it does bulk up your publication record and shows that you are competent researcher, and contribute to work of publishable standard.

Who gets first authorship?

The guidelines here are not as well defined as for authorship in general, Riesenberg and Lundberg[2] have made certain very important and simple suggestions to decide the sequence of authorship: The first author should be that person who contributed most to the work, including writing of the manuscript.

Is being corresponding author important?

6 Pre-submission tips for corresponding authors. The role of a corresponding author is an important one and most authors aspire to be the corresponding author of a manuscript. The role of a corresponding author is an important one and most authors aspire to be the corresponding author of a manuscript.

Why do predatory journals exist?

Predatory journals seek to obtain money from authors (usually via article processing charges [APCs]) to publish their papers (usually open access) but fail to uphold the standard editorial, peer review, or other ethical publishing practices that reputable journals do.

What is predatory and pseudo journals?

Editorial – Year2017 – Volume32 – Issue 2 Current practice includes sending messages to many individuals with the promise of quick publication at a lower cost, compared to established scientific journals. They are currently known as pseudo-journals or predators.

Can I change corresponding author after acceptance?

Answer: The corresponding author is the person who is responsible for all correspondences regarding the paper, including correspondences with the journal. Thus, changing the corresponding author would mean that all communication with the journal will have to be done by your supervisor.

Does being first author matter?

First authors are by far the most important when you’re young. After a while first authored by your students and/or postdocs become quite important. Typically, whoever writes/heads the paper is the first author, and decides the author order.

Is it good to be corresponding author?

In my opinion, it is very helpful for a PhD student be the corresponding author because being a corresponding author will improve some skills: experience in answering critiques from the reviewers, writing, giving reasonable explanations and so on.

What is guest authorship?

Guest authorship refers to senior authors who are included because of their respect or influence in the hope that this will increase the likelihood of publication and/or impact of the paper once published.

Is an editor the same as an author?

Editors polish a written product, which must first be created. They work on texts created by authors or writers. An author conceptualizes, develops, and writes books (print or digital).

Who should be an author on a scientific paper?

Authorship of a scientific or scholarly paper should be limited to those individuals who have contributed in a meaningful and substantive way to its intellectual content.

Does contributor mean author?

The author of a work is the person who has been involved in all aspects of the creation of the work including research, design, analysis, and final presentation of the work. A contributor: is a person who may have provided purely technical help or writing assistance.

How do you acknowledge a deceased author?

You can add the name of your late colleague as a co-author, with a footnote to clarify that the co-author in question has passed away. It is also a good idea to mention the date of their death. However, you must inform the journal editor about the situation and get his/her approval first.

How do you write deceased after a name?

The most obvious way is to indicated “(deceased)” after the person’s name. I know that one can also use a dagger (†) or refer to the person as “the late Mr./Ms. Doe”.

What is Ghost authorship?

A ghost author is a person who has made a substantial contribution to the research or writing of a manuscript but is not named as an author [2–4]. Those who make small contributions that would not qualify them as an author should be listed in the acknowledgements with the extent of their contribution clearly stated.

Why are predatory journals bad?

The problem with predatory publishers is that there is no, or very little, peer review yet the papers that they publish become part of the scientific archive. This not only undermines the scientific process, as experts are not evaluating the papers, but it is infecting the scientific archive.

Are Mdpi journals predatory?

Inclusion in Beall’s list. MDPI was included on Jeffrey Beall’s list of predatory open access publishing companies in February 2014, and removed in October 2015 following a successful appeal.

Is Hindawi predatory?

An interesting example is Hindawi, an Egyptian publisher once considered predatory that improved its practices and standards over time. Beall also lists common practices indicative of low-quality but not necessarily predatory journals.

What is coercion authorship?

The Tactics of Authorship Abuse. Promiscuous authorship assumes many forms. “Coercive authorship” has been defined as authorship conferred to individuals in response to their exertion of seniority or supervisory status over subordinates and junior investigators (11, 29; see also 6, 33, 56).