Does REDX work in Canada?

*All REDX products and services are available in the United States. In Canada, REDX offers FSBOs, FRBOs, Power Dialer, and Vortex®.

How much does REDX cost per month?

REDX Pre-Foreclosure Leads Cost To access the pre-foreclosure list, you can subscribe through REDX for a monthly fee of $39.99. By doing so, you gain access to a list of listings that many agents do not feel confident with. Take advantage and use the opportunity to expand your pipeline of new business.

Are REDX leads worth it?

REDX is a much more affordable option than most of its competitors. It might be a budget-conscious dialer. The knock on REDX is their phone numbers are not as great as competitors, and their Vortex CRM, while good and intuitive, is not equal to their competitor Mojo.

How much does REDX dialer cost?

REDX has an a la carte pricing model with options as low as $39.99 per month. All paid subscriptions include their Lead Management System (LMS), VORTEX, for free.

Which is better REDX or Vulcan7?

While Vulcan7 is often said to provide more up-to-date contact information than REDX, it lacks a multi-line dialer and is about twice the cost of REDX. Vulcan 7 is $299 per month for the dialer and expired leads, and $329 per month for the dialer, expireds, and FSBO leads.


REDX software targets the real estate industry. The company started as an expired leads service, but today its features help users set and measure objectives, connect with prospects, and maximize their time. Its flagship product blends a CRM and prospecting tool.

Is REDX or Vulcan 7 better?

How many leads do you get with REDX?

The more homeowners you reach, the more listing appointments you set. That’s why we offer you 6 lead types, an auto-dialer, and a platform to more easily there set listing appointments.

Is there a free trial for REDX?

Yes. REDX offers a 30-day free trial of its lead generation service for real estate agents. The free trial provides full access to all the features and tools available on REDX.

What is REDX Geo leads?

Whether you have an address or a general area you want to prospect, GeoLeads allows you to personalize your search so the results are optimized for your business.

How much does mojo cost?

Mojo Sells Pricing Their lead manager user cost costs $10 per user, their Single Line Dialer costs $89 per license, and their Triple Line Dialer costs $139 per license. Mojo charges month per month with no contracts or hidden fees.

Does REDX have a dialer?

REDX’s Power Dialer connects you when someone picks up just like a regular call. Power Dialer leaves a pre-recorded voicemail so you don’t have to.

What is REDX™ service?

Manage risk. Protect your interests. The REDX™ Service is a cooperative risk management service designed for the mortgage and financial service industries in Canada.

How much does REDX cost?

This opens in a new window. REDX gives you more than just phone numbers, we connect you with homeowners who are actively looking to sell. Start your prospecting journey with the most accurate contact information on the market. Connect with more qualified sellers and convert expired listings into sales. Starting at $59.99.

What is redredx?

Redx is a biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel targeted medicines for the treatment of cancer and fibrotic disease. Clinical stage programme designed to unlock the potential of Wnt pathway blockade in oncology.

Why invest in REDX?

Exceptional capabilities in medicinal chemistry and translational science are the foundation of Redx. The Company has built an attractive portfolio of assets and has a strong proven track record of drug discovery and development.