Does Merbau need to be oiled?

While merbau is one of the timbers that contains an abundance of natural essential oils that keep it organically preserved, the benefit of treating it further with oils is that the oils will replace the natural ones as time goes on, and allow the timber decking to further thrive.

What oil do you use on Merbau?

We recommend Natural/Light Oak with a touch of Jarrah decking oil due to the minimal use of pigments which helps prevent further darkening of your timbers.

How often should you oil Merbau?

Re: Oiling a new merbau deck You are correct 6 to 8 weeks of full sun to weather a new deck. Otherwise the tannin from the wood will just bleed the oil out and you would get a spotty finish on your deck. You could accelerate the process by using deck cleaning chemicals but better to let it naturally weather.

How do I protect merbau posts?

Merbau contains many natural oils (including tannin) which protects the wood from splits and cracks. Oil treatments help to enhance this natural protection, block harsh UV rays, and replenish the oils already found in the wood.

How long will Merbau last in the ground?

Durability. Merbau is a favourite choice for decking projects because of its excellent durability. With a durability class of 2, you can expect your decking to last for 15 to 40 years without decay.

How do you make Merbau less red?

Bleaching Merbau is the only way you can do anything to change the color of this wood.

How do you remove tannins from Merbau?

The good news is that the tannin inside the timber is not infinite so it will run out eventually. But this could take a few months. Or you can force the tannins out using a pressure wash or even with a commercial product such as a deck cleaner. This significantly cuts down the time needed to flush out the tannins.

Is merbau wood waterproof?

The durability is attributable to its natural oils, which allows it to endure harsh temperatures and climates, saltwater and other extreme conditions. This means that it can withstand outdoor use as well making it a perfect product for your outdoor timber decking.

Why does Merbau turn black?

Last week, after a day of rain, I was so shocked to discover my decking had turned black! I got an opinion and was advised that it is the dust particles of the metal from the cuttings. Due to the rain, the particles had permeated into the timber, causing it to turn black.

Do termites like merbau?

Merbau is so tough even termites hate it and want nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Is water based or oil based decking oil better?

Benefits of using water-based decking finish While there are water-based treatments that claim similar durability, oil-based treatments are recommended for decking exposed to harsh elements. An oil-based decking stain penetrates deeper into the timber, giving maximum resistance to abrasive impacts.

Does Merbau go GREY?

Given a year or so it will turn grey (we all do). I recently cleaned up my Mum’s merbau verandah that had sat in the sun for about ten years and turned well and truly grey. Merbau is very dense and oily, it won’t present any problems untreated unless water can sit in one spot for a long time, such as under a pot plant.