Does Lowe Alpine still make clothing?

Next year’s clothing range from Lowe Alpine will be its final set, after the brand’s owners announced it would stop producing outdoor wear to concentrate on its rucksacks and accessories.

Are Rab and Lowe Alpine the same company?

Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd – home of Rab and Lowe Alpine. Equip Outdoor Technologies UK Ltd owns and operates two specialist outdoor brands, Rab and Lowe Alpine.

Is Lowe Alpine now Rab?

Over the years, Rab has worked to push boundaries, both in the mountains and in the clothing and equipment we craft. This season, we’re delighted to become the new home for Lowe Alpine, bringing pioneering pack design to our community.

When did Rab buy Lowe Alpine?

In 1972 Mike borrowed $3,000 to register Lowe Alpine Systems as a manufacturing business. The brand was sold to Rab in 2011, and in 2014 it was announced that Lowe Alpine would stop making clothing.

Why did Lowe Alpine stop making clothes?

“The Lowe Alpine clothing side of the business was bleeding, and with no way to continue without putting Asolo and our family at great risk, and with no relief apparent from the financial markets, we made the very difficult, but right decision to shut down production of apparel to protect our assets, and to ensure Lowe …

Who owned Lowe Alpine?

Lowe Alpine becomes part of British outdoor group Equip, which also owns Rab. The two brands pool their expertise in clothing and backpack design, with Lowe Alpine returning exclusively to backpack innovation.

Is Rab made in UK?

Where are Rab clothes made? Despite being a British brand, the vast majority of Rab clothes are now made in China.

Is Rab a UK company?

Rab is a British manufacturer of clothing and equipment for climbing and mountaineering. The firm was founded in 1981 by Scottish climber Rab Carrington.

Who owns Rab UK?

Equip Outdoor Technologies
Rab (company)

Type Subsidiary
Founder Rab Carrington, Rhys Kelly
Headquarters Somercotes, Derbyshire , UK
Products insulated jackets, waterproof jackets, baselayers, sleeping bags, tents
Parent Equip Outdoor Technologies

Is Lowe Alpine a good make?

Lowe Alpine is an internationally recognized brand for producing high quality backpacks that are comfortable and long lasting. So, we believe that their products are worth it, also considering the wide choice of backpacks that Lowe Alpine offers. We like very much their designs, too.

Is Craghoppers and Regatta the same company?

G&H Products bought Craghoppers and took the name as it befitted the aim of the company. The company was in financial difficulties and was later sold and taken over by the Regatta Group in 1995. In 2008 Craghoppers partnered up with TV’s survival expert Bear Grylls.