Does Henry Stickmin have a girlfriend?

Ellie Rose | Henry Stickmin Wiki | Fandom.

Is Henry Stickmin still alive?

Henry Stickmin – Fell to his death when the airship was shot out of the sky by Charles. Reginald Copperbottom – Fell to his death when his airship was shot out of the sky by Charles.

Is Henry Stickmin a human?

Although Henry is a human (in stickman standards), he possesses some supernatural powers.

Can Henry Stickmin talk?

He does indeed talk. Just not as much. He’s selectively mute.

Who was among us made by?

InnerSloth LLC
PlayEveryWareSchell Games LLC
Among Us/Developers

Who voiced Charles?

Eric Lloyd
Born David Eric Lloyd Morelli May 19, 1986 Glendale, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, comedian, musician, producer
Years active 1989–present

Why did Reginald betray Henry?

Reginald’s Main Reasoning The only reason he made him the leader was because he already defeated the strongest member and to save himself from being arrested. Also unless the Toppat 4 Life, Toppat King, and Toppat Recruit routes are chosen, Henry doesn’t do anything seen as important by Reginald.

Who voices Henry Stickmin?

Crispin Freeman is an American voice actor, voice director, and screenwriter who is best known for voicing characters in English-language dubs of Japanese anime, animation, and video games.

What is right hand man’s real name?

While nearly all characters are given a name in their in-game biographies provided in the remastered version, the Right Hand Man remains nameless. His bio states that nobody knows his real name. He is the only character to be seen inside Burt Curtis’ room, besides Burt himself.

Can Henry Stickman escape the wall?

You never know what the future may hold for Henry Stickman. The obvious escape route may be full of hidden dangers. It’s not call The Wall, for nothing. Sneak your way past the countless stickmen guards and escape. Explore many different ways to fail until you find a path that will lead you to freedom.

What is the story of fleeing the complex?

Fleeing the Complex is set in snowy mountains, where The Wall is located and Henry is imprisoned. The complex holds the ‘world’s most cunning and notorious criminals’, as said by Dmitri Petrov in the intro of the game, and after that Henry was forced unconscious and sent to a transfer cell.

Will there be another Henry stickmin game?

Good luck! Released in 2015, Fleeing the Complex is the 5th and (so far) last sequel in the Henry Stickmin adventure series.

Does Dave PANPA appear in the Henry stickmin games?

Fleeing the Complex is the only game in the Henry Stickmin series in which Dave Panpa does not appear. (This is not counting the remastered version of Breaking the Bank in the Collection, in which the prison scene with Dave from the original version was removed)