Does Henry make a 44 magnum lever-action?

Henry’s Magnum version of the Mare’s Leg is a Large Loop Lever Action Pistol that holds nine rounds. Easy-loading tubular magazine design.

What makes a Henry rifle a big boy?

The Henry Big Boy utilizes an internal transfer bar safety that prevents hammer contact with the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled, ensuring the rifle cannot fire from being dropped onto the hammer, nor will it accidently fire if the shooter’s thumb slips from the hammer while cocking.

Who makes a 44 lever action rifle?

Rifles chambered in 44 mag can be found today manufactured by Winchester, Henry, Ruger, CVA, Rossi, and Chiappa in bolt, single shot, and lever actions.

Does Henry rifle make a 45-70?

The Henry® . 45-70 is a hard-hitting, fast handling Lever-Action Rifle, with enough knock down power for big game hunting any species in North America. The Henry is constructed with a solid steel receiver with enough strength to handle all factory . 45-70 ammunition that is manufactured for modern lever action rifles.

What is a 45-70 rifle used for?

45-70 is an ideal cartridge for hunting deer, black bear, feral hogs, moose, brown bear, and other big game in thick woods or heavy cover where short range shots (>100 yards) are common.

Is Henry Big Boy Heavy?

The Henry Big Boy is a well balanced rifle but the heavy, octagonal, 20″ barrel is quite heavy which translates into an overall weighty rifle for what is, after all, a carbine.

What caliber can I get in a Henry rifle?

Henry Repeating Arms offers a very broad line of lever action rifles in calibers ranging from . 22 Long Rifle to . 308, in both round and octagon barrels, and in a variety of finishes including blue, brass, silver, color case and All Weather.

Do Henry rifles hold their value?

An original Henry rifle can be worth a lot. However, for a newly manufactured rifle, they do hold their value very well in the market. Many people collect Henry Repeating Arms rifles, and most owners tend to hold on to them as they are rarely found on the used market.

Why is there a shortage of Henry rifles?

Those identified as a Gold Dealer normally have a large selection on hand. “Even though we are a Gold Dealer, we can’t get the Henry rifles right now because production has cut because of a reduced work force and an inability to manufacture guns, rifles and firearms,” said Smitty.

Why buy a Henry 44-caliber rifle?

Back when the West was still wild and the rifle was the tool of choice for survival and frontier justice, the venerable .44-caliber put more meat on the table and outlaws in the ground than any other bullet. The West may have been tamed and fenced long ago, but its unbridled spirit lives on in this line of traditional big-bore Henry rifles.

How many rounds are in a Henry lever action rifle?

The tubular magazine tops off at 10 rounds. Both the straight-grip stock and forearm are crafted of select American walnut accented with a brass barrel band and Henry’s recognizable brass receiver. All have that crisp, smooth action that sets an authentic American-made Henry apart from other lever action rifles on the range and in the woods today.

What kind of rifle is a Henry big bore?

The West may have been tamed and fenced long ago, but its unbridled spirit lives on in this line of traditional big-bore Henry rifles. Choose from .44 Magnum, .45 Colt, .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, and .327 Federal Magnum.

Why buy a Henry rifle?

They’re also the unbeatable choice of big-game hunters who prefer the traditional look, feel, reliability and accuracy that comes from an authentic Henry rifle. The traditional 20″ octagonal barrel is outfitted with a classic fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight with a reversible white diamond insert and a brass beaded front sight.