Does East Penn make Deka batteries?

East Penn Manufacturing makes Deka batteries. The company is well known for its expert research and development in power sports. The brand was created to provide a wide range of outdoor equipment with strong performance capabilities while not compromising quality or safety standards.

What brands use Deka batteries?

Deka is their own private label and includes premium brands such as D-Series, Dominator, ETX Sports Power, Fahrenheit, Gold, HydraSaver, Intimidator, Marine Master, MaxPower, Outdoorsman, Precision Built, Pro Master, Solar, Ultimate, UltraBattery, and Unigy.

Are Napa batteries made by Deka?

Napa batteries have been made by DEKA since 2009. They are being manufactured by East Penn. East Penn was founded in 1946 by DeLight Jr. and quickly became one of the most respected manufacturers in the United States.

Who owns Deka battery?

East Penn is proud to carry on the Deka brand name today – more than seven decades after its birth – with new Deka battery products introduced to market every year.

Where are Deka batteries manufactured?

American Made While the Deka AGM battery is available through a number of global distributors, East Penn Manufacturing is American owned and operated. All of their Deka products are made right here in the USA in an ISO-certified manufacturing facility.

Are Deka batteries made in China?

Deka Unigy II 2-volt products are assembled in China using fully formed plates, separators, terminals, and other components exported from the United States. The plastic cases and sulfuric acid are purchased in China. Batteries are then assembled in Wujiang, filled with acid, activated, and finished.

What is a Deka battery?

Deka is a leading provider of high-end batteries for marine (deep cycle & dual purpose), RV, 4×4 auxiliary, and other power sports applications. Deka Batteries are made in the USA, maintenance free, built for extreme applications, and known for their reliability and versatlity.