Does Cal State Fullerton offer scholarships?

Cal State Fullerton is pleased to offer a wide variety of scholarships and awards to honor outstanding achievement. Nearly $2 million in scholarships and awards is paid annually at Cal State Fullerton.

Is Csuf a party school?

People who believe that school spirit is based on support of a football team, and also those who want to be associated with a “party school.” This is because CSUF can rightly pride itself for its academic programs for the various majors as well as being one of the top schools to successfully acquire internships for its …

How much are dorms at CSUF?

2020-2021 Room and Board Rates (Academic year)

Room Type Room Total
Residence Halls
5 Day Continuous Meal Plan $12,540 $16,206
7 Day Continuous Meal Plan $12,540 $16,788
Double Apartments

Do freshmen have to live on campus at CSUF?

Cal State Fullerton offers on-campus housing, but freshmen are not required to take advantage of it.

How much does Dorming cost?

1. Cost of a college dorm. The average cost of room and board was $11,500 for a public school and $12,990 at private colleges for the 2019-2020 academic year, according to a report by College Data. Over the course of four years, living in a college dorm could add more than $45,000 to your total cost of attendance.

What is the acceptance rate for CSUF?

52.7% (2020)

What is 80 block meal plan?

Block meal plans provide either 112 or 80 individual entrances to The Gastronome during a semester. Block meals may be used for any meal at any time during the semester. Guest Meals: Each meal plan includes 8 Guest Meals per semester.

What major is Csuf known for?

Academic Life at California State University–Fullerton The most popular majors at California State University–Fullerton include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Health Professions and Related Programs; Psychology; and Social Sciences.

Is Csuf expensive?

Concerned about paying for college?…Cost for Residents of California (no aid)

Tuition and fees $6,924
+ Room and board $15,852
+ Other expenses $5,267
Total cost $28,043

What GPA is required for CSUF?

To determine first-time freshman admission, Fullerton will rank order applicants by their “A-G” GPA for the entire freshman applicant pool. This includes applicants that meet the following criteria: California residents and graduates of California high schools with a 2.50 or greater “A-G” GPA.

How much is housing at Chapman?

In 2019 – 2020, students at Chapman paid out $10,400 for housing and $5,118 for the dining plan….Rooms, Meals and College Necessities: What it Costs.

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $15,518 $11,206
— Housing $10,400
— Meals $5,118
Other Living Expenses $3,070 $4,570

Does Csuf have dorms?

The residence halls are designed to focus on the needs of incoming freshmen and housing 1,062 students in double and triple occupancy bedrooms clustered around community bathrooms. Opened in 2011, the residence halls were awarded the first Platinum LEED certification in California by the U.S. Green building council.

How many students live on campus at CSUF?

38,000 students

Is it hard to get into CSUF?

With an acceptance rate of 48%, admission to Cal State Fullerton is competitive. Based on our analysis, to have a good chance of being admitted, you need to be at the top of your class and have an SAT score of close to 1100, or an ACT score of around 22.

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