Does Bella Sara still exist?

When Bella Sara Adventures was still active, some aspects were gradually deteriorating over time due to lack of maintenance, such as picture quality, framerates, and non-functioning stores. After April of 2020, the creators chose to shut down the game and replace it with a new site and projects.

Is Bella Sara coming back?

The Bella Sara website is back up again! YOUR horses should all be back in the stable.

How many Bella Sara cards are there?

110 total cards: 55 common cards, 55 foil cards, 5 common energy (treasure) cards and 5 foil energy (treasure) cards. “Royalty” was the first set to omit rare cards. From this set forward, rare cards are no longer included and is the first set to include the “Bella Sara Ticket” card in each package.

What is the Bella Sara app?

Gives children ages 5 and above the opportunity to choose cards that deliver beautiful messages of love and guidance to help them as they develop and grow. Positive affirmations are like magic words, if you repeat it often enough and you believe them, they will have the strength to come true.

What is Bella Sara?

The Bella Sara website was home to all the magical horses you can collect through trading cards, as well as fun games like Bella Sara Adventures and various other minigames. Before Bella Sara Adventures was released, this was the way that you could visit North of North yourself.

Did Bella Sara shutdown?

April 2020 – Bella Sara app is released, and the old website (including stable and Bella Sara Adventures) is shut down and replaced with a new website.

Is the Bella Sara website down?

May – The Bella Sara Company, LLC, shuts down. The Bella Sara brand is continued to be looked over by Conceptcard in Denmark. June – “Magical Chibis” is released. October – “Herds from North of North” is released.

Can Bella Sara play online?

When you start collecting Bella Sara trading cards, a new and wonderful world will open up to you online, where you may care for your own horse, collect and play with other Bella Sara horses, decorate your environment with fancy furniture, knick-knacks and cute creatures, and play fun games and activities.

Who is Bella Sara?

Bella Sara is a magical world of horses where girls can expand their imaginations through play. Originally launched in Denmark by Gitte Odder Braendgaard through Conceptcard, Bella Sara inspires and empowers girls with positive messages and the magic of North of North.