Does arowana fish bring good luck?

The Asian arowana, also known as the dragon fish, is believed by the Chinese to bring good luck and prosperity due to its red color and coin-like scales.

Where should arowana fish be kept at home?

This idol should be kept either in North-East or East direction in your house. According to some zoologists, the Arowana fish settled in the foothills before an earthquake.

Where should an arowana face?

Arowana fish is considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra. It is regarded as a symbol of health, peace, prosperity and wealth. Arowana fish statue is believed to ward off negative energies. You should keep a statue of golden Arowana fish with a coin in its mouth in the North-East or East direction.

How many arowana should I keep?

Keeping Arowanas Together If you are insistent, you should keep at least 6 of them together and keep them in a large natural pond (or an aquarium of similar size).

Which direction should fish tank be placed in home?

Where to keep an aquarium? Keeping objects related to the water element in the North-East direction of the house attracts wealth and helps in the flow of positive energy. Hence, keeping a fish aquarium in the East, North or North-East direction is considered to be auspicious.

Which type of arowana is lucky?

The red and gold arowana variety are especially prized, as their colors are seen as being traditionally lucky in China.

Which fish is lucky for house?

According to Vastu Shastra, goldfish should be kept in the house. Goldfish are very helpful in increasing the good luck of the house. They are considered to be the most sacred and prosperity bringing fishes of all. The fish looks like gold and is said to add a glow of gold in your life as well.

How to use feng shui arowana to attract wealth?

2) If you already have waterfalls, aquariums or ponds placed around your home according to Feng Shui, you can display the Feng Shui Arowana beside or inside these water elements to attract torrent of wealth luck.

What is the meaning of the arowana fish?

In feng shui the arowana fish, also known as the golden dragon, is considered a powerful symbol as a bringer of good luck. The feng shui arowana fish bestows happiness, great love, health, wealth, prosperity, and personal power to its owner. Dragon Fish Good Luck Icon in Feng Shui The arowana is like a wealth luck magnet.

Which is the best wealth inviting fish in feng shui?

Golden Wealth Inviting Arowana Fish :: Feng Shui Wealth Resplendent in gold-finished shimmering scales, this wealth inviting Arowana is truly stunning. The perfect wealth enhancer for people with good taste. Appreciated as a gift by businessmen or business counterparts.

How many arowana should I put in my pond or aquarium?

Multiples of three always bring auspicious energy as well as good luck, so you aren’t limited to just nine fish for a pond or aquarium. Most fish keepers place one arowana per tank due to the fish’s aggressiveness and ensuing size. There are several feng shui placements for an aquarium. These include: