Do you need bear canisters in Yosemite?

Bear resistant food containers (“bear canisters”) are required for overnight hikers throughout the Wilderness (counterbalance food hangs are no longer legal). In Yosemite and the southern Sierra, bear canisters are the only effective and proven method of preventing bears from getting human food.

Are bear sacks allowed in Yosemite?

You must use allowed bear-resistant food containers throughout the Yosemite Wilderness to store all your food.

How big are the bear boxes in Yosemite?

The lockers measure 17 inches deep by 49 inches wide by 17 inches high (43 cm x 124 cm x 43 cm). Be sure to keep the locker closed and clipped: a bear may enter your campsite even in your presence.

Where can I rent a bear canister in Yosemite?

Bear-Proof Canister Rental Locations

  • Yosemite Valley Wilderness Center.
  • Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center.
  • Big Oak Flat Information Station.
  • Visitor Center at Hill’s Studio in Wawona.
  • Hetch Hetchy Entrance Station.
  • Valley Visitor Center (winter only)

Can bears smell food in a bear canister?

Bears are thought to have the strongest sense of smell of any animal, making it nearly impossible to completely contain the scent of food, though some canisters are “smell resistant.” This is why it’s important to cook and store your bear canister away (and downwind) of your tent—so you don’t give bears a reason to …

What can I use instead of a bear canister?

If you are camping in bear habitat but but there no reports of bears stealing food and no hard-sided canister requirement, use an Ursack Major or Ursack AllMitey (which is also rodent resistant). When staying at high-use campsites in bear-free habitats, rodent-hang your food (see below).

What containers are bear proof?

Walk-in Storage Containers Large steel shipping containers are almost certainly bear-proof and can be used for permanent and semi permanent storage. Sells and leases 20-40 foot walk-in style steel shipping containers-generically called “conex”-that meet international shipping standards.

Can you lock bear boxes?

Bear-resistant containers only work if they are closed and locked. Be sure to keep the container closed and locked even while you’re around your campsite. Place containers on flat, level ground 100 feet or more from your campsite.

Can you leave food in car bears?

That goes double if you’re camping in bear country! These tips will help to keep animals out of your car and away from your food! Yes, you can typically keep food in your car while you’re camping. However, keep in mind that it may draw animals to your campsite.

Do you need a bear canister while hiking?

The food lockers exist in case you have overflow food. Using them doesn’t mean you should hike without a canister. Hikers may be able to get away with using food lockers in SEKI if they are also hanging food in those areas where bear canisters are only ‘recommended’.

Can bears get in lockers at Yosemite?

Lockers are also available at Little Yosemite Valley and High Sierra Camp backpacker campgrounds. While a bear can smell food in a locker, the bear can’t get into the locker if it’s closed and latched properly. Be sure to keep your locker closed and latched at all times, even if you are in your campsite.

Are there food lockers in Yosemite?

Certain bear-resistant portable containers designed for backpackers to store food are allowed for use in Yosemite (however, only the Garcia Backpackers’ Cache 812 is available for rental in Yosemite). Food lockers (“bear boxes”) are only available at designated campsites in Little Yosemite Valley and adjacent to the five High Sierra Camps.

How big are the lockers at Yosemite camp?

Housekeeping Camp: Each unit has one of these lockers, plus a smaller one (measuring 17 inches by 49 inches by 17 inches). Tuolumne Meadows Lodge: Lockers are available in the parking lot. Additionally, small lockers measuring 12 inches by 12 inches are available at restrooms. Trailheads: Most trailheads in Yosemite have several lockers available.

Can you bring food into Yosemite National Park?

Hanging food is illegal throughout Yosemite. Certain bear-resistant portable containers designed for backpackers to store food are allowed for use in Yosemite (however, only the Garcia Backpackers’ Cache 812 is available for rental in Yosemite).