Do Satoru and Kayo get together?

He saved her life and she lived it to the fullest, both honoring each other the best way they knew how. So while Kayo and Satoru may never be a romantic couple, they will always be linked by a pair of mittens.

Who are the 3 victims in Erased?

Hiromi Sugita is one of the three original victims of the serial kidnappings and killings in 1988. The other two victims being Kayo Hinazuki and Aya Nakanishi. He is Satoru Fujinuma’s primary school classmate, who has an androgynous appearance and an unisex given name, and an ally to him.

Why was Yashiro obsessed with Satoru?

Yashiro describes the feeling of “Satoru’s presence” literally being when he first felt alive. To him, Satoru confronting him gave him emotion, thrill, meaning. He’s spent fifteen years seeking that feeling again, craving it. The way Yashiro talks, it sounds like he’s realized he’ll never be happy without Satoru.

Does Airi like Satoru?

Airi does stand up for Satoru several times, but they never really are seen engaing in any actions that would quite sum up to a ‘romance’, more of a relationship built using mutual trust and help.

Will Erased have a Season 2?

As of this writing, ‘Erased’ is not renewed for season 2 yet. It is also unclear whether the anime will ever get a follow-up season in the future. It has been five years since the anime ended.

Does Gaku Yashiro get caught?

Satoru reveals to him, during their confrontation, that he has seen the future and has changed it, which Gaku believes. He attempts to kill himself along with Satoru but Satoru saves him, and he is then arrested. Gaku admits to his murders and is sent to Chiba Prison.

How old is Airi In erased?

Airi Katagiri
Gender Female
Age 17 Years
Occupation Pizza Delivery Girl
Status Alive

How old is Airi Erased?