Do any cabins at Allegany State Park have bathrooms?

Allegany State Park has recently added “full-service” cottages which include all you could need to enjoy the Park, but not necessarily be “roughing” it. The high-end cabins include bathrooms with shower facilities, a kitchen, a dining room, bedrooms and heat! Perfect for your getaway, no matter what the season!

Do you have to pay for Allegany State Park?

The park is open year round. Vehicle entry fees start at $6 and are collected between 9 am and 4:30 pm. The park is part of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation.

Is there cell service in Allegany State Park?

No cell service. Bathrooms were nice and clean. We camped at Allegany State Park – Quaker Lake Area in a Fifth Wheel.

Does Allegany State Park have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi only at main administration building and that was hit or miss but at least it was available if needed. Beautiful scenery.

Can you bring firewood to Allegany State Park?

Patrons are encouraged to not bring firewood with them into the park. Kiln dried firewood will be available at the park.

Can you swim at Allegany State Park?

The Red House Area is known for the historic tudor-style Administration Building with everything centrally located around Red House Lake. It offers 5 miles of paved bike paths, boat and bike rentals, a sandy beach for swimming, fishing and snowmobiling.

Is Allegany beach open?

Allegany State Park is open year round.

Are there showers at Allegany State Park?

The park also offers a gift shop, picnic pavilions, and showers.

How late can you check in at Allegany State Park?

Description. Check-In/Check-Out is 3PM Check-In/11AM Check-Out.

What town is Allegany State Park in?

Allegany State Park
Type State park
Location Cattaraugus County, New York
Coordinates 42°06′54″N 78°43′12″WCoordinates: 42°06′54″N 78°43′12″W
Area 64,800 acres (262 km2)

What time is checkout at Allegany State Park?

General Information: Check-In/Check-Out is 3PM Check-In/11AM Check-Out.

Can you kayak at Allegany State Park?

2. Allegany State Park has rentals of SUP, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats for use in their two lakes – Red House Lake and Quaker Lake.

Where is Allegany State Park located?

Allegany State Park is located in western New York, in Cattaraugus County, just north of Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. The park is divided into two sections: The Red House Area and the Quaker Run Area. The Red House Area’s attractions include Stone Tower, the Summit Fire Tower, Red House Lake, Bridal Falls, and the Art Roscoe Ski Area.

How much does it cost to visit Allegany State Park?

Make the most of your visit to Allegany State Park and the surrounding area. See what the Enchanted Mountains have to offer: Enchanted Mountains. Allegany has three pavilions. Prices range from $75 to $100 a day and can accommodate 35 to 80 people. Check availability at During your visit you may encounter wildlife.

Is Allegany State Park accessible to disabled visitors?

Most park activities are accessible to disabled visitors. Visitors looking for anything from a weekend retreat to an extended vacation are able to choose from Allegany State Park’s 303 campsites, 336 cabins, 8 cottages and two group camps.

Where can I find project updates for Allegany State Park?

Project updates will be provided on our Allegany State Park Facebook page and Allegany State Park website. CLICK HERE for on-line mapping tool to plan your next stay at Allegany State Park – includes hot links to photos.