Did the Thunder make the playoffs in 2014 2015?

The Thunder missed the playoffs for the first time since 2009, resulting in Scott Brooks’s firing 1 week after the conclusion of the regular season.

Did Thunder miss playoffs in 2015?

Another thing to note is that tonight’s loss officially eliminates the Thunder from playoff contention. This the first time the franchise has missed the playoffs since 2015, where the team was plagued with injuries to Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka.

What year did Thunder not make the playoffs?

When was the last time the Thunder missed the playoffs? The Oklahoma City Thunder last missed the playoffs in 2022.

Did OKC make the playoffs?

Oklahoma City lost the playoff series in the first round to the Houston Rockets 4–1. Despite the team’s loss, Westbrook averaged a +14 while on the court and a triple-double during the series and was named league MVP after the season.

When did harden leave OKC?

James Harden

No. 1 – Philadelphia 76ers
Playing career 2009–present
Career history
2009–2012 Oklahoma City Thunder
2012–2021 Houston Rockets

Is OKC eliminated?

The Oklahoma City Blue’s season has officially come to a close. The Oklahoma City Blue’s season came to a close Friday evening, officially being eliminated from playoff contention.

Where did OKC Thunder come from?

Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma City Thunder / Location

Why did OKC get rid of James Harden?

They had already locked down both Durant and Westbrook to max contracts. Due to this, they were left with two options, sign either Ibaka or Harden, or pay a huge luxury tax. The Thunder didn’t want to pay it. This had a lot to do with the new penalties launched in the NBA for exceeding luxury tax.

What did OKC offer James Harden?

As Wojnarowski reported, Oklahoma City offered Harden a four-year extension “that would have paid him a base salary of $53 million to $54 million,” making it at least $6 million shy of the $60 million max.

Is Thunder in playoffs?

The Oklahoma City Thunder did not make the playoffs, but two dozen of their former players will take part in the 2020-21 postseason. Of the 16 teams, 13 have at least one former Thunder player on the roster. In total, there are 24 players competing who have played at least one game for Oklahoma City.