Can you dip Ricordea?

Yup, safe to dip.

Why are my Ricordea shrinking?

IMO nutrient problems cause the shrinking. Higher light is a no no unless you really take your time to acclimate them. Once you bleach em, they can take months and months to return. Low-moderate light, good flow, good params..

Do you feed mushroom coral?

Oyster-Feastâ„¢, a concentrate of oyster eggs and ovarian tissue, provides extraordinary nutritional value in a feed that will provoke a strong feeding response in your mushroom coral. TDO Chroma Boostâ„¢ is another excellent food for mushroom coral.

Can you frag Ricordea?

Take the polyp and cut it through the mouth or between mouth if you have multiple mouths. If you’re cutting through the mouth I prefer to cut it in quarters with each piece getting a small part of the mouth.

Can ACAN corals be dipped?

I had no problems I have over 60 different kind of acans anddipped evert single one of them before putting into my tank. I use revive and dipped for 5 mins and then diped in salt mixed water prior to putting into the tank. just make sure the temps are at the same temp as the tank.

How often do you feed mushroom corals?

I feed 2 to 3 times a week. I feed a frozen mix and put a little coral frenzy in.

How do you know if mushroom corals are happy?

If the mushrooms are opening wide and laying flat then they are happy. If the polyps don’t have enough light they will stretch out towards the light and look like they have a really long “neck”.

How fast do Ricordea grow?

Advanced Reefer You can actually feed them to make them grow faster. When I still had them around, They would double in number every 1.5 months. And the largest I ever grew them to was about a little over the size of a quarter.

How do you propagate Ricordea?

The Caribbean Ricordia can be propagated using several different methods. The easiest method involves simply cutting the caps from several Ricordia and then dividing the caps into four equal pieces. These pieces can be placed in gravel until they attach.

Should I dip Acans?

I usually dip them three times if something comes off that is suspicious before they will go in my main display. Eggs are the problem as the dip does not kill eggs so you have to break the cycle with aggressive dipping.

Do you dip torch coral?

Yes I always dip my torches in coral RX and it works, bayer works as well. With new corals I acclimate them in a QT with tank water and then medicate/dip. Then rinse in fresh salt water/tank water in a separate container and then into the display.

Do mushroom corals need high light?

They have symbiotic photosynthetic zooxanthellae and require low to moderate light, are not picky about flow, and can be kept in less than pristine conditions.