Can you add apps to 2014 Chevy MyLink?

Wondering how to add an app on Chevrolet MyLink? All you have to do is connect to the internet with OnStar 4G LTE wireless service or a different mobile hotspot. Once you do, press “SHOP.” By doing so, you will have a wide selection of apps to choose from, including: SiriusXM®

How do I add apps to MyLink Chevy?

Press the Shop icon on your Chevy MyLink display, and you’ll be taken to the Chevy MyLink App Store, where you can browse hundreds of apps. Select the apps you want and download them to your Chevy MyLink system, where you can use them anywhere you drive in Grand Forks and beyond.

How do I make my Android Auto connect to WIFI?

How to Use Android Auto Wireless

  1. Connect your phone to your car radio with a USB cable.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the initial setup procedure.
  3. Disconnect the USB cable.
  4. The next time you get in your car, Android Auto Wireless automatically connects your phone to your car radio and opens.

How do I connect my Chevy MyLink to Wi-Fi?

Go to the settings on your smartphone or device, and click Wi-Fi. As long as you’ve purchased or subscribed to this Chevy MyLink feature, the option to join the network should pop up on your smartphone right away. Open the MyLink app on your vehicle’s infotainment display, and click on the hotspot icon.

Can I add wireless Android Auto to any car?

What is it? Carsifi is an adapter that helps you to connect your phone and Android Auto head unit wirelessly. It doesn’t require your car to have Wi-Fi, because it works as a Wi-Fi hotspot itself. Carsifi works on all cars and head units which have wired Android Auto.

How do I connect my Chevy MyLink to WIFI?

How do I upgrade my MyLink to CarPlay?

Using the Lightning cable on your iPhone, connect it to the USB port on the vehicle. Unlock your phone after connecting it to the USB port. When your vehicle is ready to use Apple CarPlay, the green icon on the touchscreen turns green. You can also change your vehicle’s Projection icon to Apple CarPlay if it has one.