Can Thrive make you gain weight?

There are some potential risks of using a Thrive Patch. These include weight gain after use and, possibly, anxiety. More research is necessary to examine the potential long-term risks. It may be worth approaching the Thrive Patch with a bit of skepticism.

How long does it take for Thrive to work?

Started Thrive Skincare with applying it to my face, wrinkled arms, and upper thighs and within 2-4 days, I saw results. Now, I have been using it a whole month and it does work. I am quite happy with the product after using several other products throughout the years.

Can you lose weight with Thrive?

Overall, research to support that any of the active ingredients in the Thrive Patch are effective for weight loss is currently insufficient. Additionally, it’s unclear how much of the active ingredients are in the patch and whether they’re present in sufficient amounts to have any effect.

Can you drink coffee while on Thrive?

CAFFEINE- STAY AWAY! Thrive has all the caffeine you need. If you add coffee, energy drinks or soda, you will get the afternoon crash.

Where do you put the Thrive patch for best results?

The Thrive DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) Patch should be applied to a clean and dry area of your skin. I recommend your forearm, bicep, ankle, wrist, or shoulder for maximum absorption-basically any area of your skin that is thin.

What should I eat while on Thrive?

Foods permitted on the Thrive diet include fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, cold-pressed oils, hemp, brown rice, sea vegetables and apple cider vinegar. Brazier says to consume food either raw or minimally cooked, so it’s as close as possible to its natural state.

How much is Thrive a month?

You have two membership options. The annual membership costs $59.95 (or $5/month), billed once yearly. If you opt to do a monthly membership instead, you’ll pay $9.95 per month. You’ll get free shipping on your first order over $25, plus all orders $49 or more.

Can I drink coffee while on Thrive?

How much water should I drink on Thrive?

Leave this on for 24 hours. ***Be sure to drink PLENTY of water while taking Thrive. That should be AT LEAST 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day!