Can Oxford students visit other colleges?

One of the best parts of studying in Oxford is getting to visit the over 30 different colleges. Using your University (Bod) Card you can visit most colleges for free, and it is common for students to invite friends from other colleges to guest night dinners, bops and to common room events.

What is St Catherine’s College Oxford known for?

We offer a wide range of subjects, with a broadly even split between science and arts. The college is proud of its place at the forefront of innovation, research and contemporary culture. Its modern architecture (Grade I listed) and restful open spaces give the college a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

How hard is it to get into Oxford as a visiting student?

Being accepted as a visiting student at Oxford is highly competitive. In the past, successful students have typically had a GPA of at least 3.7 on a 4.0 scale. Extra-curricular activities are not taken into account. Oxford looks at a number of things when it comes to applicants.

Is Oxford University open to visitors?

Things to see and do at Oxford University Many University buildings, such as gardens, libraries and museums, as well as many of the colleges, are open to visitors during the day, although please note that they may have varying opening hours, fees and rules for groups.

Is Oxford University free to attend?

Oxford is determined that all students who are offered a place to study here can afford to come. Very few costs are paid up front, and there is lots of financial support available for UK students, from the government, the University and a student’s college.

Which is the smallest College in Oxford?

Corpus Christi College
Corpus is one of Oxford’s older colleges and is its smallest. Being tiny and having a very close-knit community, Corpus Christi really does deserve its reputation for being “small and friendly”.

How can a visiting student apply for Oxford?

What are the entry criteria?

  1. academic achievement at the home institution.
  2. any relevant pre-university qualifications.
  3. relevant written work.
  4. strength of academic references and personal statement.
  5. suitability for study at Oxford.
  6. correlation between the course at Oxford and the curriculum at the home institution.

Does Oxford accept exchange students?

We welcome applications from international students who will come to Oxford for the entire academic year. Up to 30 full-time places are available.

Can you walk around Oxford?

There are many walking routes and many aspects of Oxford to explore – not just colleges and fine buildings, but also waterways, parkland, art, industry, science and a long, sometimes turbulent history.

What is St Catherine’s College?

St Catherine’s College is the largest college within Oxford University and teaches both undergraduate and graduate students.

Can I take tutorials at St Catherine’s College?

St Catherine’s College is able to offer to those coming as Visiting Students the opportunity to choose from the widest variety of tutorial courses offered by any college at Oxford. To provide you with an illustration of what subjects have been taken in the past by registered visiting students please see here.

Who is the new master of St Catherine’s College Norrington?

St Catz comes fourth in Norrington Table. Professor Kersti Börjars Appointed as New Master. St Catherine’s College is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Kersti Börjars as Master of the College.

Does the University of Oxford award a degree for visiting students?

The University of Oxford does not award a degree or other qualification for time spent as a Visiting Student. However, St Catherine’s College provides written tutorial report transcripts for all courses undertaken and a record of achievement.