Are Topcon lenses good?

The Topcon RE Super’s standard lenses, the RE 58mm F/1.4 and F/1.8 still stand as some of the finest standard lenses ever made for SLRs, exhibiting incredible sharpness, a subtle, lowered contrast, pastel colors, and a precise rendering of details across the frame.

How much is a Topcon camera worth?

Tokyo Kogaku: Topcon Uni

Average Very good Mint
$30-40 $50-60 $90-100
Estimate value accuracy:

What mount is Topcon?

Exakta bayonet
Topcon RE Super

Type 35mm camera
Lens mount Exakta bayonet

Who made Topcor lenses?

Cosina manufactured some Topcor branded 50mm f/1.4 lenses in the early 2000s in Nikon F and M42 mounts as tribute to the quality of this lens. It was also the basis for the Nokton design lens.

What is exakta mount?

The EXA Exakta mount (also often only referred to EXA or Exakta mount) is a bayonet mount that was widely used in East Germany. It is possible to use EXA Exakta mount lenses on a digital camera using an adapter.

Are exakta cameras good?

The 1936 Kine Exakta is a wonderful camera capable of capturing technically brilliant images of surpassing beauty. It is also an inconvenient contraption and, undoubtedly, the most challenging SLR I’ve ever shot with.

Where were exakta cameras made?

Dresden, Germany
The Exakta (sometimes Exacta) was a camera produced by the Ihagee Kamerawerk in Dresden, Germany, founded as the Industrie und Handels-Gesellschaft mbH, in 1912.

How many shots are in a 127 film?

Using the square format, there are 12 exposures per roll; 4×3 and 4×6 give 16 and 8, respectively. Less commonly, other frame sizes have been used.

Can you still get 127 film?

127 enjoyed mainstream popularity until its usage began to decline from the 1960s onwards in the face of newer, cartridge-based films. However, as of 2020 it survives as a niche format and is still in production.