Are there any Elco PT boats left?

Motor torpedo boat PT-617, also known as Dragon Lady, “is the sole surviving 80′ Elco type PT boat on display and represents the United States’s most heavily used, highly favored, and combat-tested PT boat type in World War II.” PT-617 is a PT-103-class Elco motor torpedo boat of the same type as the famous PT-109 …

Are there any PT boats left from World War II?

Today, just four combat-veteran PT boats still exist in the United States; of those, only PT-305 is fully restored and operational, complete with original-model engines. An operational PT-305 promises to become one of The National WWII Museum’s most exciting artifacts and teaching tools.

What happened to the PT boats?

Nicknamed “the mosquito fleet” and “devil boats” by the Japanese, the PT boat squadrons were hailed for their daring and earned a durable place in the public imagination that remains strong into the 21st century. Their role was replaced in the U.S. Navy by fast attack craft.

What happened to the PT boats used in the movie PT 109?

At the time the film was being planned it was found that the few surviving 80-foot Elco PT boats were not in operational condition. Though a further search was conducted it was determined that none could be located for use in the film, as almost all had been destroyed in-Theatre at the end of World War II.

What did PT stand for in PT boat?

PT boat. PT boats were a variety of torpedo-armed fast attack craft used by the United States Navy in World War II to attack larger surface ships. “PT” is the US hull classification symbol for “Patrol Torpedo”. The PT boat squadrons were nicknamed “the mosquito fleet”.

Are any of the PT-109 crew still alive?

Gerard Zinser, the last surviving crewman from the sinking of John F. Kennedy’s PT 109 in the South Pacific in World War II, died on Aug. 21 at a hospital in Orange Park, Fla. He was 82.

Has PT 109 been found?

A National Geographic expedition has found the WWII patrol boat that became a cornerstone of the Kennedy legend. A National Geographic expedition led by explorer Robert Ballard has found what is believed to be the remains of John F. Kennedy’s PT-109.

What happened to JFK’s PT boat?

Although the wreckage was still afloat, it was taking on water, and it capsized on the morning of August 2. After a discussion of options, the men abandoned the remains of PT 109 and struck out for an islet three and a half miles away.