Are the Gross sisters in the new proud family?

In both the original series and the reboot, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, Nubia is voiced by the same actress. Raquel Lee is the voice responsible behind Gross Sister Nubia in both versions of the show.

What are the Gross sisters named after?

All three sisters are (ironically) named after skincare (specifically lotion) companies, Nubia (Nivea), Gina (Neutrogena) , and Olei (Olay).

Was ashy Gross sisters?

“They are blue because they are ashy. If you look at their names, it’s Nubia, Gina (Neutrogena) and Olei (Olay),” Raquel explained. “There’s a purpose behind that. The Gross Sisters are the ashy bullies.” Never in our lives did we imagine this would be the reason those girls are as blue as Blue from Blue’s Clues.

Who plays the Gross sisters in proud family louder and prouder?

The latest iteration is back with 98 percent of its original cast members. We had the opportunity to speak with the multifaceted actress, director and entrepreneur Raquel Lee Bolleau, who voices the Gross Sisters on the iconic animated series.

Why are the gross sisters Ashy?

The reason for the Gross clan’s blue skin is because they cannot afford lotion, and work in the hot sun all day.

Who is Wizard Kelly based on?

Magic Johnson
It is implied that Wizard Kelly is a pun for Magic Johnson. It is probably more accurate to say that Wizard Kelly’s last name comes from the maiden name of Magic Johnson’s wife, Earleatha “Cookie” Kelly.

Is LaCienega black?

Physical Appearance. LaCienega is a 15-year-oldgirl of Latin descent. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair, tan brown skin, and peach lips.

Why was Wizard Kelly face never shown?

Due to his height, Wizard Kelly’s face is almost never seen in photo and video compositions. Instead, the shots are awkwardly angled so he can only be seen from the neck down.