Are Mercury 4 stroke outboards any good?

The Verados are top-of-the-line super-charged Mercury models, and this six-cylinder powerhead engine has a reputation as simply one of the best outboards you can buy. The 6 horsepower Mercury 4-stroke is one of the most popular smaller outboards in the world.

How many hours will a Mercury 4 stroke outboard last?

So, with a significant number of caveats, we’ll say that it is typical for a well-maintained Mercury outboard to last for about 3,000 – 4,000 hours of operation.

Are Mercury outboards Made in USA?

Mercury Marine is a marine engine division of Brunswick Corporation. Its main product is built in a manufacturing plant located in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, which is also the world corporate headquarters.

Does Mercury make good outboard motors?

Both Mercury and Yamaha have long histories of producing quality outboard motors. You can’t really go wrong by choosing either, but you may find that one suits your needs slightly better than the other.

What year did Mercury go to 4 stroke?

In 2004, the Mercury Verado became the world’s first supercharged four-stroke I-6 outboard.

How to choose the best Mercury Jet outboard?

Mercury Marine Outboard Motors At Jet-A-Marina, we understand the importance of choosing the best outboard motor to go with your boat. You want to choose a model that is going to blend well with the capability of your boat so you can receive the full performance potential.

Are Mercury Outboard Motors any good?

While the Yamaha has established itself as a reliable product for all types of motors, Mercury has done the same with its innovative outboard engines. Both are high-quality and fuel-efficient, but Yamaha became more stable in the motors for smaller boat markets while Mercury runs the gamut between small all the way up to commercially large boats.

Are Mercury Outboards good?

Mercury outboard motors are of great quality and use little gasoline. These engines truly gained off in the United States about 2001, when they started developing a 225 horsepower four-stroke outboard engine that was just as light as a two-stroke. Most of their outboards have a three-year guarantee that covers flaws in materials and workmanship.

Is the Mercury tracker outboard the same as a mariner?

US-made Mariner motors are identical with Mercury serial number ranges and use these same charts. The serial number format is the same. We currently do not have those here, but are largely useless. These motors do not have any consistent year-to-serial scheme. Mercury ceased publishing this information after the 1996 model year.