This is a literary style, a small work, the idea of which is a statement of personal views on any circumstance. The position is required to support logical thoughts and arguments.

Main purpose and properties

For this direction there are the following characteristics. Small volume. The requirements have all chances to vary in the ratio of the and situation. For example, the recommended maximum size for Harvard business school students is two sheets of handwritten text. The theme is consistently accurate. It is not characterized by symbolic expressions, descriptive and vague judgments, those that everyone is able to understand in their own way. The idea is, that which is exposed in the subject, expressed clearly and definitely. Disclosure of the problem is based only on him. The content is usually personal, because the purpose of the task is to formulate your view, to show your knowledge. Therefore, the same topic is usually disclosed by different people in many ways. That’s right. Paradoxes. In our time, this criterion essay is almost always omitted. Most linguists do not doubt that paradoxical expressions, bright theses, conflict of seemingly contradictory and inconsistent arguments are a necessary part of the genre. Because this genre is obliged to surprise the reader. Simplicity of expression. In contrast to the composition-reflection or research paper, it makes sense to keep the story as simple and clear as possible, to evade the difficult turns of speech and syntactic structures, clich├ęd words and phrases. The coherence of the story, the semantic unity of the article. Allowed, because today skipped paradoxical statements and abstracts. You have to be a true specialist words, then make two incompatible provisions are complementary. Conversational writing. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain a balance so that the narrative is not excessively sloppy. In addition, the most important thing to omit the use of slang, if its use does not involve the idea and plot necessarily.

How to write an essay: General techniques

The peculiarity of this direction is the perfect freedom of the concept of structure and expression of ideas. A single clear provision – it is necessary to speak clearly according to this problem, which acts as a title.

Often permissible structure of the essay: introduction, thesis-argument, conclusion.

The writer uses the necessary number of provisions for the purpose of disclosure of the subject. The author takes into account the recommended amount of text. In any case, this is a recommended structure, but not a mandatory one. In General, it can be arbitrary. The conclusion can be demonstrated in the form of a thesis at the beginning, and in the text to justify it. Or it is allowed to put forward a thesis, which is refuted in the course of the essay. In this case, the conclusion is the opposite of the main thesis. As allowable to offer a few theses and arguments, and then conclude. There is any other procedure for the expression of ideas.

Similarly, note that, in turn, almost always the reader has a General idea of the subject of the essay. There is no need to disclose specific definitions and explain difficult nuances. You should simply Express your opinion on a given topic.

Plan, examples, templates

There is no clear structure of the essay. There is also no specific plan template. For those people who need content in the process of preparing articles, it is allowed to use the usual. A typical Plan includes an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. Introduction, during which the basic position is put forward. In the main part, arguments are put forward to confirm the main thesis. For example, you want to back up the evidence, in consequence of which the decline in interest in the history of the city has a bad effect on the younger generation. It is necessary to ensure that there is no substitution of theses. First, it is necessary to bring arguments to prove what was discussed in the introduction. Only after that (if necessary) to put forward the following idea. In that case, if there is a desire or need, the following theses are put forward by the same method with the reasons resulting from the previous ones. the conclusion summarizes all of this. The conclusion to which the writer came in the process of reflection. This part is necessary.

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