Will make use of it meaning?

If you make use of something, you do something with it in order to do a job or achieve a particular result or effect. [written]

How do you say make use of it?

make use of

  1. apply,
  2. employ,
  3. exercise,
  4. exploit,
  5. harness,
  6. operate,
  7. use,
  8. utilize.

What is another word for make use of?

utilize; make use of; employ; handle; practise; use; take; practice; utilise; apply; implement; engage; enforce; adopt; avail oneself of; administer.

Will make best use of it?

Definition of make the best of 1 : to use (something) in an effective way We may not get another chance, so we need to make the best of this opportunity. 2 : to deal with (a bad situation) as well as possible Life is not very good right now—but let’s try to make the best of it.

What does making the most of it mean?

Definition of ‘make the most of sth’ If you make the most of something, you get the maximum use or advantage from it. Happiness is the ability to make the most of what you have.

How do you use make in a sentence?

[M] [T] I’m going to make a cake for Mary’s birthday. [M] [T] He tried to make his wife happy, but couldn’t. [M] [T] I asked her to make four copies of the letter. [M] [T] I checked to make sure that he was still alive.

What can I say instead of use?


  • apply,
  • employ,
  • exercise,
  • exploit,
  • harness,
  • operate,
  • utilize.

What is the best synonym for harness?

synonyms for harness

  • belt.
  • strap.
  • equipment.
  • tack.
  • tackle.
  • trappings.

What is a better word for making?

1 form; build; produce; fabricate, create, fashion, mold.

What does it mean to make the most of something?

What is the synonym of employ?

hire, engage, recruit, take on, take into employment, secure the services of, sign up, sign, put on the payroll, enrol, appoint, commission, enlist. retain, have in employment, have on the payroll.

What is another way to say make the most of?

What is another word for make the most of?

maximiseUK maximizeUS
capitalize on make hay while the sun shines
exploit cash in on
use utilizeUS
utiliseUK put to advantage