Who was Robbo graffiti artist?

King Robbo (born John Robertson, 23 October 1969 – 31 July 2014) was an English underground graffiti artist. His feud with the artist Banksy was the subject of a Channel 4 television documentary called Graffiti Wars, first shown in August 2011.

What happened to Robbo the graffiti artist?

A pioneering graffiti artist and Banksy rival known as “King Robbo” died of pneumonia in February 2013, three years after falling down stairs in King’s Cross and breaking his skull.

Is Banksy a Robbo?

Robbo, who like Banksy kept his real identity a secret, was at the vanguard of the 1980s graffiti movement, known particularly for covering trains with his distinctive, US-inspired lettering.

What is the ancient graffiti project?

Welcome to The Ancient Graffiti Project, a digital resource for locating and studying handwritten inscriptions of the early Roman empire. These ancient messages and sketches offer a window into the daily life and interests of the people who lived in the ancient world, especially in Herculaneum and Pompeii.

What happened to the graffiti attack on the train tracks?

A person was spraying graffiti on technical equipment near train tracks when a freight train passed them and the force from the suction of the freight train threw them against the side of the train, killing them instantly. Two people were hit by a train and killed; a bag with spray utensils and spray paint cans were found nearby.

How did an 11-year-old die from graffiti in London?

An 11 year-old died when they were at an underground station next to the tracks trying to graffiti trains and a train dragged them 50 yards into a tunnel.

What was the name of the Graffiti Guerrilla that died?

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