Who was a Wetherell Johnson?

Audrey Wetherell “Miss Johnson” JOHNSON

Birth 1 Dec 1907 Leicester, Leicester Unitary Authority, Leicestershire, England
Death 22 Dec 1984 (aged 77) Monterey County, California, USA
Burial El Carmelo Cemetery Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California, USA Show Map
Plot Site 59 – Section EE
Memorial ID 49018218 · View Source

Where did Bible Study Fellowship start?

The BSF began in the 1950s when former missionary to China Audrey Wetherell Johnson spoke at a church in California. Afterward, people took her message to all parts of the country and then the world. Today there are 400,000 members in more than 40 countries on six continents.

What is the aim of BSF?

Objectives. Border guard and security. Prevention trans-border crimes, unauthorized entry into or exit from the territory of India. Prevention of smuggling and any other illegal activities on the border.

How many countries is BSF in?

BSF currently operates more than 1,290 classes plus 4,575 satellite discussion groups where members meet weekly for in-depth Bible study. These classes and groups meet in 37 different countries.

Who is Hollie Roberts BSF?

Hollie joined the BSF Headquarters Staff in 2018. She served as a Regional Director and Chief Field Development Officer before becoming the Executive Director. Hollie first attended BSF in Amarillo, Texas, where she began serving in leadership as a Children’s Leader (CL) and Group Leader (GL).

How many countries is Bible Study Fellowship in?

37 countries
Bible Study Fellowship offers in-depth Bible study classes for people of all ages and backgrounds, reaching more than 390,000 adults and 77,000 children in over 1,250 classes and 37 countries.

Who founded Bible Study Fellowship?

A. Wetherell JohnsonBible Study Fellowship / Founder

Can BSF fight war?

It has various active roles during an outbreak of war. It is the only CAPF to have a Water Wing, Air Wing and an Artillery Regiment. It comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Who is Miss Wetherell Johnson?

Miss Wetherell Johnson was founder of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). Born Audrey Wetherell Johnson, she went by Wetherell Johnson, and was known to many as “Miss Johnson.” Wetherell’s friend and coworker, Miss Alverda Hertzler, is buried in the same site in this cemetery.

Who was Audrey Wetherell Johnson?

Very interesting autobiography of Audrey Wetherell Johnson, the founder of Bible Study Fellowship.

Is the book Wetherell Johnson worth the read?

Wetherell Johnson’s story is quite amazing, with endless specific examples of God’s providence in her life and in the growth of Bible Study Fellowship, but the book was just too long. I read the first half quickly but by the mid way point I started to get bogged down by all the little tangents.

What happened to miss Johnson?

Miss Johnson’s first group of five women grew until groups sprang up all across the U.S., and ultimately around the globe. By 1980, Miss Johnson had been writing BSF lessons and leading a blossoming ministry for more than 25 years. Her decision to retire led to a major move for the organization to San Antonio, Texas.