Who took over Monumental life insurance?

Transamerica Premier
Company Overview That process is still rolling out across their different products and lines of business but is now primarily known as Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company. Transamerica is owned by one of the world’s leading financial organizations, Aegon, N.V., of which it became a subsidiary in 1999.

What is the new name of Monumental life insurance Company?

Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company
*Important Note: In 2014, Monumental Life insurance Company changed its name to Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company.

What is the phone number for Transamerica?

(800) 797-2643Transamerica Corporation / Customer service

Is Transamerica monumental life?

Monumental Life Insurance was rolled into Transamerica in 2014. Transamerica sells term, whole, universal, indexed universal, and final expense insurance. The company has a variety of different riders for policy customization.

Can I cash out my Transamerica life insurance?

The policy owner may access the cash value through loans or withdrawals. Both loans and withdrawals will reduce the cash value and death benefit. Loans are subject to interest charges. Under certain circumstances, there may be tax consequences in taking a loan or withdrawal.

Is Monumental life now Transamerica?

Who bought Occidental Life?

Occidental Life is a subsidiary of The Transamerica Corporation. At year end 2001, Occidental Life had assets of $23.7 billion and $648 billion of life insurance in force.

Who bought PFL life insurance company?

1. PFL, a stock life insurance company incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa, is a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of AEGON USA, Inc., which conducts substantially all of its operations through subsidiary companies engaged in the insurance business or in providing non-insurance financial services.

How long does it take to receive a check from Transamerica?

Please include the insured’s name, the Policy/Certificate number, the signature of the policyowner, and the date of the request. Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive a check for the loan amount you requested from your Policy/Certificate.