Who regulates pharmacies in UK?

GPhC Homepage We regulate pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacies in Great Britain. We work to assure and improve standards of care for people using pharmacy services.

Who is a pharmacy professional?

1 ‘Pharmacy professionals’ (pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) play a vital role in delivering care and helping people to maintain and improve their health, safety and wellbeing. The professionalism they demonstrate is central to maintaining trust and confidence in pharmacy.

How many registered pharmacists are there in the UK?

There are approximately 42,990 registered pharmacists and 19,311 registered pharmacy technicians in England.

What is GPhC registration?

To practise in Great Britain, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and have satisfied us that they meet our requirements.

What are GPhC standards?

The standards for pharmacy professionals describe how safe and effective care is delivered. They are a statement of what people expect from pharmacy professionals, and also reflect what pharmacy professionals have told us they expect of themselves and their colleagues.

How many GPhC standards are there?

nine standards
The nine standards describe how safe and effective care is delivered through person-centred professionalism, and replace the standards of conduct, ethics and performance. The GPhC has today written to all pharmacy professionals in Great Britain to ask them to reflect on how to apply the standards in their practice.

How many pharmacists are on the GPhC register?

Over 12,000 pharmacists and over 6,000 pharmacy technicians (over 23% of the register) responded to the survey. This is the second survey of pharmacy professionals that we have carried out, and this builds on the first survey published in 2013.