Who owns UAP Kenya?

Old Mutual Holdings LimitedUAP Old Mutual Holdings / Parent organization

How can I check my Old Mutual investment balance?

Simply dial *120*OMSA# or *120*6672#.

Who owns Old Mutual?

Harbinger Group Inc.
In 2011, Old Mutual sold US Life to Harbinger Group Inc. for $350 million.

Is UAP listed?

UAP Holdings Limited is an investment, retirement, and insurance group that operates mainly in Eastern Africa, but has plans to be a pan-African insurance company….UAP Old Mutual Holdings.

Type Public company: OTC
Revenue KES: 16.8 billion (2015)
Net income KES: 0.89 billion (2015)
Total assets KES: 48.7 billion (2015)
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Who owns mutual?

A mutual company is owned by its customers, who share in the profits. They are most often insurance companies. Each policyholder is entitled to a share of the profits, paid as a dividend or a reduced premium price.

How many employees does Old Mutual have?

We now employ about 30 000 people in our primary operations in South Africa and the Rest of Africa, and a niche business in China. ON 17 MAY 2020 OLD MUTUAL TURNED 175. This is an incredible milestone that we can be really proud of.

What are the benefits of Old Mutual?

Old Mutual Rewards members who also have a Money Account will now receive points for swipes on their Money Account too! Points are awarded at a rate of 1% of spend for each Money Account swipe, rounded down to the nearest point. This means Money Account holders will earn one point for every R100 spent.

How do I join UAP insurance?

How do I apply? Please contact UAP Insurance or your insurance intermediary and fill the application form. Ensure you complete the application form in full and as accurately as possible to facilitate quick processing of your cover. Submit the duly filled form and the premium payment to UAP Insurance.

Who is Old Mutual Limited?

Old Mutual Limited (OML) is a premium African financial services group that offers a broad spectrum of financial solutions to retail and corporate customers across key markets in 17 countries. We believe that good governance begets positive results.

Where is Old Mutual investment group located in South Africa?

Our Contact Details Address: Old Mutual Investment Group West Campus Entrance 1, Mutualpark Jan Smuts Drive Pinelands, 7405 P.O. Box 878, Cape Town, 8000 GPS coordinates 33°55’25.0″S 18°30’38.4″E Latitude: -33.923606 Longitude: 18.510659 Telephone: + 27 21 509 5022

What is Old Mutual Ghana?

Old Mutual Ghana is a leading financial institution offering a range of savings, investment and insurance options. UAP Old Mutual is a leading integrated financial services provider offering savings, investments and insurance solutions.

How do I contact Old Mutual Kenya customer service?

You can also write to us through [email protected] and we’ll guide you through the process. Remember to carry your Policy Document, Identification Document and proof of bank details such as; ATM card, Cancelled cheque or Certified bank statement.