Who makes Mamod steam engines?

Mamod Steam Engines from MPB Model Supplies. Mamod have been producing Mamod Steam Engines for over 80 years with production starting in 1936. They still produce all their models in the UK from their base in Birmingham.

What scale is Mamod?

In 1980, the Mamod Company, which had been making toy steam engines since 1939, produced its first locomotive. This was a tiny 0-4-0T, nominally in 16mm scale, to run on gauge-0 track.

How do Mamod steam engines work?

The engine consists of a double-acting engine with a slide valve which moves from left to right, this alternates which side of the piston the high-pressured steam is allowed. Depending on which side the cylinder will push the piston and also gives it forward and backward movement.

How do you get the Mamod steam engine?

Steaming The Engine Up Boil the kettle and fill a bucket of cold water outside and place it near to your steam engine. While waiting for the kettle to boil, also put a little oil on the piston/cylinder assembly as well as the flywheel assembly to reduce friction. A dry engine never likes to run!

When did Mamod start making train models?

Manufacturing Mamod live steam models since 1936. It’s easy to see why model train sets can delight so many people.

Where are Mamod steam engines made?

We have been manufacturing Mamod live steam models since 1936. Based in Birmingham, Mamod continues to produce a high quality steam engines as it did when it was first established by Geoffrey Malins, right here in the West Midlands.

Are model steam trains a good hobby for kids?

For kids, setting up model steam trains can be a fascinating hobby, what all the bright colours and intricate details, not to mention the hours of creative fun that can be had putting together the tracks and operating the locomotive as it pulls cars around an imaginary landscape.