Who is the pint sized slasher?

The Pint-Sized Slasher was a pre-War serial killer alleged to be a child. He wore a sinister clown mask, and a black and white striped shirt, with jeans, and used a large chef knife as a signature killing tool.

What does Lady Killer perk do in Fallout 3?

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas +10% damage against female opponents and additional dialogue options with certain female characters.

How do I get Mr Sandman perk?

Mister Sandman is performed in sneak mode and by choosing “pickpocket” on an unfortunate sleeping victim. The game pauses and brings up a menu with the options to “murder” or “pickpocket”. Choose the former to activate the perk.

How do I get rid of the pint sized slasher Mask in Fallout 3?

It is then located in the doghouse beside the abandoned house and is automatically equipped upon receiving it. At the end of the quest or upon exiting the simulation, the mask is automatically removed from one’s inventory.

Is the Lawbringer perk good?

Lawbringer is the Good equivalent of the Contract Killer perk. NPCs killed before getting the Lawbringer perk will not have fingers that can be collected.

Is Mister Sandman perk worth it?

Mister Sandman is highly recommended in a Sniper Build where it can truly shine, as nearly any ballistic sniper rifle can have a suppressor attached. Even Gauss Rifles, which can be boosted well into the 400s in terms of paper damage.

Is Mister Sandman perk worth it Fallout 3?

Sandman is not worth a perk at all. Due to quirks of the game, explosives make for better “stealth” kills than Mr. Sandman.

How do I make Timmy cry in Fallout 3?

Make Timmy cry:

  1. By attacking him physically.
  2. By convincing him that his parents are divorcing each other because of him, which he will believe after a Speech check.
  3. By giving him the military school brochure to fool him into believing his parents are sending him away.
  4. By killing one (or both) of his parents.